Men that are still men

It is very interesting how political correctness has stripped the essence of what a man is meant to be. Men are men, and woman are women, and that is how nature intended it to be. However it is amazing how many castrations political correctness has caused.

Perhaps it is just a rush of testosterone that has been the inspiration behind this entry, or perhaps that many men have become pathetic examples of manhood is the motivation. Or perhaps it was a recent observation on how society has become where political correctness flourishes, but either way here comes a simply disgusting observation by someone who still has balls!

We hear it all the time, and that is men making an apology for being a man. Men do things women don’t do and women do things men don’t do. However we rarely hear a woman apologizing for being a woman.

Point in note, a woman spends a significant amount of time trying to make herself look attractive. In fact there is a multi billion dollar cosmetics industry just to support that. So when a woman who has gone through so much effort to be attractive, and when she is successful in her endeavor and is informed by a man, he is cited for inappropriate behavior. Should another female make the remark, she is then thanked for noticing. So unless the first woman is gay and seeking to attract another female, having a male notice is perfectly normal and part of human behavior as programmed by nature. But yet the man is forced to alter his normal and natural behavior thus making the woman feel unattractive, she then spends another $100 per month on even more expensive cosmetics.

But the castration does not stop there, imagine if you would a place like Soi Cowboy in Bangkok Thailand. It is the best red light spot in Bangkok according to the ex-pat community. That itself is simply amazing that men would come out and rate red light areas. But the fact that there is no political correctness in Thailand, men do not fear saying this. Should a comment like this be made in the US or any place where political correctness is, they would receive roughly the same fate as someone being soaked in honey and thrown into a swarm of fire ants.

So with that thought, there is a very true story that will simply become part of this entry. Unfortunately the names are not known so if you are looking for your pound of flesh, tough luck. Apparently some smaller political figure was on holiday and caught at Soi Cowboy by a chance photo that found its way to the Internet. The photo was in no way compromising as it was just a photo of people getting food from a vendor in Soi Cowboy.

Once it was connected that it was indeed this politician, the tabloid media set on him with a female journalist. The rest was classic but you can judge for yourself who came out on top. The quotes below are by no means exact, but the spirit of the interview is on the spot.

J: Mr. X, could you please explain this photo of you that was found on the Internet.

X: Buying food.

J: But the photo is in Soi Cowboy in Bangkok Thailand.

X: And your point is?

J: It is a red light area in Bangkok.

X: And your point is?

J: It is a place where men and woman meet and later have sex.

X: Is that any different from any other place on the planet?

J: There are naked women there.

X: And your point is?

J: The women try to seduce the men to have sex.

X: Is that abnormal?

J: The women are prostitutes.

X: Is a married woman using sex for leverage with her husband any different?

J: But these woman are not the wives of the men they sleep with.

X: Is that abnormal?

J: Men come to Soi Cowboy to have sex. Were you in Soi Cowboy seeking sex?

X: Do you buy something every time you go to the store?

J: No, sometimes I just look.

X: So isn’t your question leading? There is plenty of things to do other than sex in places like this including having a beer and watching a sports match or shooting some pool. But you are assuming that sex is the only reason men would visit Soi Cowboy.

J: But you are a man.

X: And your point is?

J: Men always look for sex.

X: And your point is?

J: How do you think this will effect your political future?

X: Is buying food an issue with voters?

J: It is where you bought the food.

X: Does location make a difference?

J: It was in Soi Cowboy.

X: Soi Cowboy is a place that men who are still men go, so the fact I am still a man I see as positive. The fact that I see you trying to shame me for being a man leads me to think you are possibly in need of a therapist. Is there anything that happens in Soi Cowboy that you have not done yourself?

J: Thank you for your interview.

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