Thaksin style dirt thrown at Thai court

The attack on the credibility of the Thai court was at first a minor news story at best. But when the Pro Thaksin politicians started making a big thing about it, the more it started to smell of a political dirty tactic. Then upon closer examination, the clear indications that it most certainly was staged with the intent of benefiting someone became obvious.

To be honest we were going to let this one slide by and look at other things that captured our interests. There is a lot going on that is worth talking about. But when we saw the coverage focused on the smoking muzzle of the gun, we noted few if any were looking upstream as to who’s finger was on the trigger. This is not meant to be a Thaksin bashing entry, but unfortunately that is where the dots lead.

Our thinking is simple on this, simply eliminate who would not benefit form this scandal. So right off the bat we can eliminate everyone who is anti Thaksin who does not have a case pending in this particular court. The reason being only pro Thaksin politicians are making a big thing about it with over the top emphasis on being negative about the court.

Then when we look at the people who do have pending issues pro or anti Thaksin, it is hard to see how this would benefit them. Someone talking about another case being caught on tape certainly is hard to connect to their personal case. Eves dropping on the judges private discussions about the same case also provides no benefit. So after passing that logic, they too can be eliminated.

That for the most part narrows it down to pro Thaksin politicians and Thaksin himself. Seeing that it was pro Thaksin politicians that set the case in motion against the Democrats, there is some political weight if the eventual ruling should favor the democrats, but then again it is all after the fact and really does not apply. Most certainly it could eventually become a long running debate that may be worthy of a movie someday. But to be fair and get a lot of people in to see the movie it would need to have 2 endings showing both guilt and innocent. The movie would run to the end showing guilt, then rewind to some point and run to the end showing innocent.

So the elimination of political gain leaves us only with looking at the true credibility of the court for past and future decisions. As future decisions have not yet been given, there is little reason to think that was the direction, so that leaves us looking to the past.

So now looking at the world of Thaksin who is on the run and being arrested is hinged on how the court ruling that found him guilty is perceived, there is significant gain in tarnishing the courts. It is fair to say Thaksin is pulling out all his tricks to stay out of jail. So throwing some doubt on the court would most certainly be in his favor as it would take some of the heat off.

So with this Connecting the Dots concludes that the reason for this little game was to keep the heat off Thaksin as he clearly will be launching political attacks from foreign soil building for the next elections. That based on past history, political attacks from the soil of other countries is not well taken by those other countries. But if Thaksin can limit his emphases to being positive about the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) and not attack the democrats he may avoid being ejected from a country.

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