American voter amnesia

American voter amnesia is not as bad as a goldfish, but it does seem at least at the moment some have forgotten who got the country into the mess it is in. Aside from the distracting motivational hype from the Tea Party movement, it seems the horse may be about to run back into the burning barn.

There is no question what political party was running the country in the years leading up to the economic meltdown. That information can be found in every form of print you can find. But for lack of a better description, that party is doing a very good job at the moment with all sorts of distractions just to get back into power. The sad part about all of this, is if they do it is very likely to have a negative effect on the overall global economy just as it had before.

For just a moment let your mind run back to the huge reception presidential candidate Barack Obama got in every place he went outside of the US in 2008. From Germany to wherever, his support was huge. Some thought it was because George Bush was so bad they wanted a change of party, and some felt it was just that change was needed. But now for whatever reasons be it impatience with a slow recovery dogged by high oil prices, it seems many Americans are about to vote un-change. The sad part is it seems anger and emotions are being misdirected at the hand that seems to be feeding them.

As President Obama has been out campaigning for Democrats in tight races, many will say a lot of what he says is political. However if you step way back and connect the dots, essentially all the things he talks about are true and accurate without much spin at all. Even the fact that it will take a very long time to climb out of this very deep hole is true, but many simply cant wait and are being tricked into thinking America is moving in the wrong direction. So President Obama is running head on into special interest money all meant to distort, twist and essentially trick American voters into going backwards.

The huge donations of special interest money are simply the very rich trying to trick the people down on their luck to once again open the cash flow flood gates into their pockets. The biggest donations seem to be coming from the people who are the targets of the newest regulations that were put in place because of their misbehavior. It is truly no different than a dog that likes to bite wanting its muzzle removed, and that is at the expense of the people down on their luck.

To put it in the most simple terms, what is going on with the recovery is a work in progress, and yes some of the variables have changed so some adjustments need to be made. But to throw someone stuck in a hole a shovel and not a ladder as the Republicans are trying to do is just cruel. The same holds true for tricking someone into hurting themselves. As this election will once again have global consequences, Americans should vote wisely and not be swayed by emotion and hype. Rome was not built in a day, and so is true about the economic fix America is facing. This was not a pothole in the road, it much more resembles a sink hole that swallowed the entire car, and getting out takes time with the help of a good winch.

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