Keeping people sick for profit

Shocking, down right cruel, enraging, all could easily define the title of this entry. But when you step way back and look at all the dots, that certainly seems to be what is going on in the US.

This is actually turning into some sort of series on mental health care in the US. Although that was never the intent, as each entry is composed, another dot comes into sight. The reason we are putting this post up at this particular time is simple, the ability to stop this practice rests in the hands of the American voters.

In the most general sense of things, it would seem that the old health care system promoted this behavior, and the new health care laws that President Obama signed will bring it to an end. The reason being is a pill does nothing except create a false reality. Only proper counseling and therapy can do that. But because the old system did not want to pay for the more expensive counseling, and some doctors saw financial incentive to keep dishing out pills to make up for the therapy sessions the insurance companies did not want to pay for, the behavior flourished.

The facts support this and they are simply undeniable. 4 out of 5 people in the US on medication for mental health issues do not need to be. That alone should be setting off alarm bells. With the Republican party looking to repeal Obama’s healthcare package, one can only look at their motivation and what groups they cater to, and who is sending them huge campaign donations.

It is a sad but true reality that they are not doing this for the average American, they are doing this for the big corporations who will suffer under the new healthcare plan. Most people go to a doctor to get better, and not to be the equal of a cow that gets milked regularly until it can no longer produce, then get sent for slaughter.

Connecting the Dots is simply appalled by the twisting and distortions being employed by the Republican party. At least the democrats are being honest although sometimes reality sucks, and that does not mean take a pill to create a false reality. The correct action is deal with it! The Republicans have captured raw emotion, and being raw, it for the most part it is not good for much except for getting votes. Once the emotions are gone, the reality will be go backwards to the money making ways of keeping people sick for profit.

As for dealing with it, Obama’s health care plan is a work in progress. To criticize something that is not completed suggests immaturity. At some point the Mona Lisa was unfinished as well.

So what it all comes down to is set aside raw emotion, set aside that the economic recovery is being dogged by high oil prices. Look past the spin and hype, and understand that slow moving bicycles are very wobbly, but once they pick up speed they are very stable.

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