The climate change charity tipping point

Every time there is a disaster on the planet, people who have the means to help out find it in their hearts to help out in whatever way they can. When those occasional disasters like an earthquake or flood happen, their hearts simply say it is the right thing to do. What this entry talks about is what will happen when those occasional disasters become regular.

For this entry Connecting the Dots will exclude events that are not part of climate change. Earthquakes, resulting tsunami waves and erupting volcanos are not part of global warming and climate change. However we do acknowledge volcanos can have both positive and negative effects on the climate, but that is nature and not man running that show.

Taking a look at the 2010 score card, we see the following countries have taken a climate change hit so far at the writing of this entry. In the flooding category They are China, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Cambodia, Russia, Mexico, US, and at least 6 or 7 other countries.

So just looking at flooding alone for 2010, 20% of the global population have been affected one way or another ranging from needing to evacuate, to losing their lives and or livelihood. Of that 20% that were not effected during the weather event that caused the flooding, they will feel something later like hunger, sickness, and in many more cases than people want to think about, death.

So with all that human suffering going on, even the most generous will eventually say enough is enough and every man for themselves. When that happens, the charity tipping point will be reached.

Ironically that is not as far away as some would think. For the most part the global economic recovery is uneven and that has a way of closing wallets. Even some of the disasters in 2010 had to beg for money from governments as the private sector was just not there.

Sad as it is, this is just another tipping point we can expect in the near future, and this one is perhaps the most significant as it will signal nature has taken the upper hand and from now on it is the rules of nature we will start to live or die by.

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