The anti monarchy movement Part 3

With the anti monarchy movement strongest in pro Thaksin territory, one can not help but wonder what forms of propaganda are being used to turn King loving Thai people against their King. In this case the answer is very simple, the tapping of natures order of succession was being used.

As Thaksin is not included in the royal order of succession, he is included in natures order of succession. Recently Connecting the Dots did a series called “Thailand’s political unrest the Alpha factor”. That story addresses how this order of nature is being used to turn Thais against their beloved King.

In nature the order of succession is very clear. Physical strength and the ability to provide prevail. But in the simplest of terms, the Thais have been more or less tricked into thinking that physical strength is key. However in the case of Thailand’s King it is not. Applying physical labor to royalty is simply not done. It is wisdom, guidance, and caring that has been the center of strength. Although the King is clearly feeling the weight of the ticking clock, his ability to apply the same guidance and wisdom has not changed. In fact if anything it has gotten stronger.

It has been cited many times of late that the King has not stepped in to quell the political unrest in Thailand as a sign of weakness. However Connecting the Dots suggest that this is not a sign of weakness but in fact a sign of wisdom. As the Thai people refer to their King as father, it is a father’s wisdom to let his children learn to rise above the petty squabbling so often seen in children and develop genuine maturity through the wisdom of experience. Many cases like this are seen in nature as lessons. For example a young animal will likely discover on its own what the back end of a skunk is all about. Once that lesson has been learned that animal will forever remember that experience.

The political conflict in Thailand is no different. This lesson through silence will let the Thai people discover that infighting serves nobody, and that unity as a family is the path to prosperity, and that is the true wisdom of the Thai King. It seems his words were forgotten over time, so a longer lasting lesson was needed. It is this wisdom of experience that will hopefully be handed down from generation to generation, and that in turn will allow all Thais to experience the wisdom of the King even if they are born long after his reign has ended. It is this that truly shows he is rightfully a true King of the people.

But in the cloud of anger, many Thais have yet to see the underlying lesson they are suffering through. It is only when they sit in pause, lick their wounds, and reflect will they discover the lesson. But for now the anti monarchy group will attempt to cloud this lesson and send the Thais back into self-serving conflict hoping to prevail.

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