The anti monarchy movement Part 4

As the anti monarchy movement continues to evolve in attempts to counter common sense, a series of rumors is being floated about based on observations. Many of these rumors have a basis in things not spoken in public, but only discussed quietly and privately with trusted friends and family. It is these rumors that unfortunately have enough meat to be considered to be more truthful than fictional.

The rumors tend to be about the King and other members of the royal family. They involve the reason for the King’s long hospitalization, and some members of the royal family interacting with Thaksin. Whether the rumors are true or not is irrelevant to this story. What is important is the rumors exist and the effect they are having on how the King is seen.

Unfortunately official announcements about the King are overly vague, and that simply provides fuel for the anti monarchy movement. It is easy for them to color in the picture anyway they want. For example the initial announcement about the King going to the hospital in 2009, one could easily conclude it was a very minor ailment and it was just a precautionary visit, and not something that would keep the King hospitalized for over a year.

As the Thai people try to read between the lines as to what is going on with their King, a variety of things are being looked at as a form of alternative information. One such thing is the amount of coverage on TV each member of the royal family gets. If there is a sudden change being an increase or decrease, it is seen as an omen by some, and signs of unrest in the royal house by others. Identifying the true reason leads to rumors, and that unfortunately feeds the anti monarchy movement. Only solid and accurate information will quench these rumors.

Other sources that people are looking at is the posturing of the government and the military. The fact that both have taken a very strong stance against the anti monarchy movement suggests a nerve has been touched. What nerve is unknown but there are enough dots floating about that one could make a good educated guess and be very near the mark.

Collectively the things that feed the anti monarchy movement are the continued propaganda, the prolonged hospital stay, and the yet to be recognized lesson through silence. For the most part Connecting the Dots will leave this as a series of observations through our eyes. There are other things that feed this movement as well but they are simply spinoffs of what we have discussed. They only serve to persuade people in a niche and do not carry broad weight. We do see this as a threat to the monarchy, and it being a Thai matter, it must be dealt with in a Thai way. We only hope we have connected enough dots for people to see things as a whole and not in parts.

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