Big brother wants wikiLeaks

In what looks to unfold with all the grace and elegance of a ‘B’ movie, Big brother is clearly trying to plug the leak in a sexual way. For what it is worth, this one is worth watching simply because any fallacy a person may have about governments and how unalike they truly are will quickly be dispelled.

Certainly the US Government is some place between angry and meltdown when it comes to the wikileaks website. So much so that they are grasping at straws for ways to silence the site while making it look like something totally unrelated. For what it is worth the US government is indirectly trying to do to wikileaks founder Julian Assange what the Burma Junta did to Aung San Suu Kyi and China did to Liu Xiaobo.

There are several very big dots that point to this being all a setup just to silence or more correctly punish Julian Assange for exposing hundreds of thousands of documents to the world.

The case evolves around consensual sex between Julian Assange and 2 separate women. In the real world this happens all the time, and particularly so to people that are not married. The chances of one finding out about another woman do happen but rarely. The fact that these 2 women seem to have conspired against Julian Assange is simply because both of them filed complaints together, and that is extremely unusual except is some sort of sting operation.

Consensual sex is just that consensual. For it to suddenly turn to un-consensual after the fact is a bit like deciding you don’t want to jump after you left the aircraft while in flight.

So for what it is worth, it seems the US government is willing to forgo the appearance of role model government and look exactly like the governments they most complain about for assorted political arrests and detentions. But for what it is worth, no government would want to experience the same thing the US did, so playing along with the US government sends a message as well. That message probably is big brother has big cousins.

Quoting Reuters November 18, 2010;

Swedish court orders WikiLeaks founder Assange detained

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – A Swedish court on Thursday ordered the detention of Julian Assange, the founder of whistle blowing website WikiLeaks, on suspicion of rape and other sexual crimes, allegations he denies.

Assange’s lawyer, Bjorn Hurtig, told journalists after the hearings he expected a European arrest warrant would be issued for Assange, who had sometimes visited Sweden in the past, and that he would probably appeal.

“He maintains his complete innocence,” Hurtig said.

He declined to answer questions as to the whereabouts of Assange, an Australian citizen.

“But sooner or later he has to come to Sweden if this continues,” Hurtig said.

The prosecutor’s office began an investigation into allegations of rape, sexual molestation and unlawful coercion against Assange in September.

“The reason for my request (to the court) is that we need to interrogate him. So far, we have not been able to meet him to carry out the interrogations,” said Marianne Ny, leading the case for the Prosecution Authority.

Assange has called the allegations baseless and criticized what he has called a legal circus in Sweden, where he had been seeking to build a base in order to benefit from its strict journalist protection laws.

He has said that he had been warned by Australian intelligence before the charges were brought that he could face a campaign to discredit him.

Hurtig played down talk of a plot. “I don’t think so, at least not from the CIA or from any big organization,” he told journalists.

WikiLeaks has angered the Pentagon with its releases of documents related to the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The latest leak, in October, was of nearly 400,000 classified U.S. files on the Iraq war, which Assange has said showed 15,000 more Iraqi civilian deaths than thought. Assange said this month he may seek political asylum in Switzerland.

There is no doubt at all, this one calls for the super size bag of popcorn.

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