Airport security more than a handful

In a situation that will make some lawyers drool, Connecting the Dots has decided to have a look at the new airport security rules. But as this story unfolds, you will be very aware of a huge imbalance that at the very least will make you pause and think.

What was once private, secret and for the eyes and hands of their lovers only, is now no longer the case. As each person has a differing degree of comfort with a strangers hands getting a good handful of their package, so there will be a variety of responses to this in court.

Looking at this from a purely legal point of view, the amount of touching clearly exceeds the law of what is defined as sexual assault/contact. So hence is the argument for someone who was arrested for this form of sexual assault/contact, ‘I was just doing a security check the same as at the airport!’. How the court would rule on that will most certainly be worth watching as a double standard is looming with this.

From the security employee point of view, getting a handful of a sexually aroused male is no fun either, particularly so if they are straight. Some blogs have commented on celebrity body scans being circulated about. So as these images are in some file format like jpg, and they are negatives, it just takes a few minutes with PhotoShop and a negative quickly becomes a full color positive. No doubt there already is a growing market for that.

So in the name of security all this invasive prying is going on at the airports, but little or none is being done at rail, bus, or other forms of public transportation. To say there has never been a bus bombing or a train bombing is like saying there is a difference between security checks and sexual assault.

In reality the difference between a rail bombing and an aircraft bombing is one does not fall to the ground. But admittedly the amount of explosives needed to do a train is far more than what is needed to do an aircraft. But looking back at the history of terrorism, things that explode are only one method. Poison gas has been used, and that has an entirely different makeup. Simply mixing 2 or more things together and you can create anything from cyanide gas right on up to some other nasty things.

So with the security being so unbalanced, there certainly is indications of overkill in one place and leaving big holes in others. But without a complete overview of the picture, and with terrorists still able to get a bomb on an aircraft in cargo, it seems the next step after this may be cavity searches as if getting a peek or feel of private packages was not enough.

With that said, next valentines day you may need 2 cards. One card for your darling, and one card for the airport security people.

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