North Korea displays mental instability

The cross border attack by North Korea on South Korea seems to provide several similarities to the overuse of steroids. All that pumping up with nuclear ability has clearly gone to their head, and North Korea looks to be changing into a bully mentality.

The North Korea issue now is no small matter. What is not being said in public by government officials can be discovered by talking to any mental health provider who holds a doctors degree or higher. That is just what Connecting the Dots did to verify what many suspect by getting a professional opinion.

Very simply the leader of North Korea Kim Jong-il is suffering from a mental disorder. At the moment he is feeling a sense of empowerment because of his nuclear capability. He is at a sufficient state of mind that he would launch a nuclear attack if engaged in a war with South Korea. Kim Jong-il feels empowered and that he has the ultimate weapon and is not shy about using it. The disclosure that he has the ability to produce significant quantities of weapons grade plutonium simply is showing his muscle.

The fact that the war exercises between the US and South Korea did not stop, provoked the November 23 cross border attack. This could be compared to being shoved by a bully because the bully felt that more respect should be show. The fact that it was civilian targets and not military is also significant.

The targeting of civilians being a weaker target is also a sign of the developing bully mentality. Attacking a military target would certainly invite direct response with equal firepower. Attacking civilians is a cowardly act as well as a message of being indiscriminate. This is significant as a nuclear attack is about as indiscriminate as you can get and suggest the desire to use nuclear weapons is greater than the desire to not use them.

If this is indeed the case then this can only end in a all out nuclear conflict. If North Korea attacks South Korea with nuclear weapons, the US has a standing policy that they will defend any ally with a nuclear response.

Because of how the North Korean military is deployed, it makes tactical sense to reply with a nuclear response. The bulk of North Korea’s military is deployed along the border with South Korea. With that deployment several smaller tactical nuclear weapons could quickly destroy the North Korean army. Then a few bigger weapons could eliminate the remainder of North Korea’s nuclear capability. The entire event should take under 30 minutes.

With this said, Connecting the Dots recommends that no matter where you are on the planet, it may be a wise move to stock up on iodine supplements to ward off any negative effects of nuclear fallout.

One Response to North Korea displays mental instability

  1. If DPRK lobs a nuclear weapon South Korea will not respond in kind. SK’s viewpoint is that the North is already impoverished, economic sanctions will not be effective. Neither will a nuclear counter strike. The North Koreans are already suffering, a nuclear attack will not change their opinion.

    Yes, after a first strike South Korea will stand by and let the world rush in with aid but will not retaliate.