The Burma North Korea connection

Some place very far down the list of countries, way past nice, way past acceptable, and in the middle of unstable and dangerous you will find North Korea. Some place else on that list you will find Burma listed as well. But with a recently discovered nuclear connection between the two countries, there are some map changing ramifications in the making.

If one could create a comparison between Burma and North Korea, it is very easy to see they both think alike. Both have shown signs of paranoia, both fear and or hate the US, both seek absolute power, and both are nuclear weapons ambitious.

With the world’s biggest fear being nuclear weapons in the hands of people that are showing the signs of mental instability, and or terrorists (if there is actually any difference between that description), the world must now at lease see Burma as a potential nuclear threat. With that threat and the way Burma has demonstrated how they deal with people, there is a significant concern that neighboring countries could be bullied by Burma. With Thailand sharing the longest border with Burma, it is fair to say they would be high on the list of countries to be bullied.

With the potential of Burma going nuclear, the first question is how did they get the materials from North Korea. The only logical answer is China as they both share borders with China, and China does display the same general attitude that is much more stick than carrot. With the very recent announcement that North Korea has just finished a huge nuclear facility that can create weapons grade material, the stakes have just gone up.

Burma is a bit of a problem that differs from North Korea and that means a different approach. The people of Burma generally do not like the Junta that runs the country, and they are also very much aware of what the outside world is like. In the closed North Korea, the people have been brainwashed over the years and would respond differently.

In both cases there will be a point that enough is enough and the US could act alone and launch a preemptive nuclear strike on North Korea. Any conflict that lingers for more than a few hours would simply invite retaliation. Because of that the strike must be decisive and complete. Unfortunate as it is, North Korea itself seems to be steering itself towards that fate.

The Burma approach would be more conventional simply because it would have the support of the people and more resemble France during World War II. All the people of Burma are looking for is democracy and the chance to run their country.

The nuclear connection simply alters the map and forces a more direct response. There is little reason to not suggest that North Korea is expanding simply to survive the sanctions against it. If Burma becomes a source to bypass sanctions, then Burma also becomes a place North Korea may request to have missiles set up in exchange for nuclear weapons technology.  This is not unlike what Cuba and the USSR did in the 1960s.

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