The abortion issue a reality check

With the discovery of over 2000 fetuses at a temple in Bangkok, it is an in your face reminder that abortions will happen whether they are legal or not. To think this will happen only in Thailand is only for the naive to believe.

This story hits straight to the center of reality and also should shake up politics in the US as well. There is an ongoing battle in the US about abortion and should it be legal or not. But the simple matter about that it is a paper dream. People will seek out abortions whether they are legal or not, and the discovery in Thailand simply extinguishes any doubt.

All things considered if abortion becomes illegal, that is all it does. It will drive people underground and into places that resemble scenes from horror movies. The abortion will happen, and simply make them a criminal.

But US politics does not look this deep, they are only focused on the letter of the law. As they are lawmakers, that is all they are expected to do. Politicians are often out of touch with people and tend to be self serving, so it is expected this will drag on for some time. The Thailand discovery is simply a flashback to times before the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion, and also describes the future if the law is ever reversed.

As the anti abortion stance is primarily a religious stance, and there have been multitudes of examples of how messed up and out of touch with reality religious positions can be, we must accept the reality of people will do what they must. The religious view often if not always is tunnel vision, and they simply tend to ignore reality and any variables. The list of religions that do that includes all religions, and not just Christian based.

This brings us to the next point about abortions is whether it is a human or not. In the Thailand discovery the formula was simple. For late term abortions if what came out survived outside of the womb, it was adopted and raised by someone. If it did not survive then it was discarded. This could quickly be said to be the decision of God and remove all mortal burden of choice thus throwing it right back at the religious groups. Apparently the abortions in Thailand were of the induced miscarriage variety, so no physical intervention was used to terminate the pregnancy.

So what happens next in the US will no doubt be influenced by this discovery in Thailand. It will most certainly identify people who look at reality, and those that see life in a tunnel. But once again no matter what happens, people will do what people must when it comes to abortions. That liitle fact will never change simply because humans can think for themselves.

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