Sowing lies of seeds of doom

Not at all unexpected, in fact very predictable, Thaksin’s Red Shirts look to plant the suggestion of a Coup in the coming month in Thailand. With nothing short of being childish, this Red Shirt behavior is right out of child psychology books.

Quoting the Bangkok Post 11-27-2010;

Red-shirt warns of coup in December

The country is at risk of facing military coup as there are conditions that could lead to a military coup in December, Sombat Boonngamanong, core leader of Red Sunday group, warned on Saturday.

Mr Sombat pointed out that the Constitution Court is likely to give its ruling on the Democrat Party dissolution case on Monday and the court’s decision will lead to social conflict, no matter it goes for or against the ruling party.

In addition, the move to withdraw bail of Puea Thai list MP and co-leader of the red-shirt people group Jatuporn Prompan by the Department of Special Investigation would also create negative consequence, he added.

Moreover, planned mass rally against the endorsement of three reports emerging from meetings of the Thai-Cambodian Joint Boundary Commission, on Dec11, by the People’s Alliance for Democracy could turn violent, Mr Sombat said.

Due to these conditions, it is a possibility that there could be a coup next month, he said.

So step past this comment and you see that the situation is exactly opposite. The State of Emergency in Bangkok Places the Military in control, so why would they have a coup. Also the fact that the Red Shirts Thaksin benefitting proposed changes to the Constitution went down in flames, this sort of disruptive comment is expected.

There is one other consideration that has been acting as a pacifier, and that is the Court ruling on the status of the Democratic party. As this entry was composed before that ruling, it does not take into account what happened. However looking at the players in the wings, it is fair to say that if the Democratic party survives the court, there will be an increase in political violence as the courts were seen to be doing someone’s dirty work.

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