WikiLeaks good or bad Part 3

As the full frontal nudity of the US continues, the US government is trying hard to find some law that applies to charge WikiLeaks with. However even with the eyes of the average Joe, finding some law that applies is a difficult task.

Without going into this with very much depth, WikiLeaks has provided several media outlets with the information. Seeing as all of this is very news worthy, they simply did what they do and report the news. So for the US to go after WikiLeaks, they also must go after all the media that is reporting the content of the leaks. As WikiLeaks was a recipient of this information and did not go foraging in US government computers, it becomes near impossible to stop with US Laws. Simply put, this is a case of spilled milk and there seems to be little that can be done directly.

However employing another country to do what the US wants done already looks to be unfolding with some sexual assault charge on the WikiLeaks founder that some how appeared after consensual sex. So if that is the case anyone who is now angry at a former lover can go to Sweden and say it was some form of rape long after the fact and have charges brought. Note; eye rolling is permitted for that one.

Clearly this is all meant to hassle WikiLeaks, but if they are smart, the next release is sitting in automatic Que for self release. That is a bit like prerecording a testimony if your life is being threatened. If you are killed your testimony is still heard and accepted by the court, thus properly pissing off the person who had you killed as they probably will get hauled away for the rest of their life.

Creating a US law that applies also is a near impossible task. The reason is simple, it would go against the #1 law in America that is simply known as the first amendment of the US Constitution being freedom of speech.

For some people this is a form of justified gratification after being messed with in one way or the other by the US government. It could be anything from some red tape nightmare that turned out to be a total waste of time and energy, or it could have been some witch hunt that they were the victim of. So seeing the US sweat it out and get a taste of the receiving end of some unpleasant event is something to smile about while thinking ‘Enjoy this just like I did!’, or some other more colorful phrase that is best not put in print.

It seems this is getting more and more interesting by the day. One can only wonder what the internal communications have to say about WikiLeaks, they probably are just as exciting as this last batch of documents. The Reaction from the US is just as interesting as the disclosed information. This all simply proves it does not matter who or what, having skeletons in the closet is universal.

Part of a periodic series.

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