US courts political factor Part 3

In part 3 we will look at how the US justice system is seen by other governments and by the accused fighting extradition. Seeing that governments frequently get involved in court cases when there is a political element, provides simple and convincing proof that the political element does indeed exist in the US courts.

The case we have decided to review on the international front is Viktor Bout a Russian citizen who has been accused of arms smuggling. Viktor was arrested in Bangkok Thailand in March 2008 while George Bush was still President. This case has taken on a life of its own and for the most part has had the super “America’s Most Wanted” treatment thanks to a 2005 Hollywood movie “Lord of War” starring Nicolas Cage. So in general Viktor is already guilty in the minds of people that have seen the movie.

As it would be there was a 3 way tug of war with Viktor Bout between Thailand’s courts, the Russian Government and the US Government.  Both Viktor and his Government were fighting extradition to the US because they felt there was significant political motivation behind the arrest.

The fact that the Russian Government felt so strongly about this case and the possible political fallout from it strongly suggests that there is a lot of covering up going on in the US. There is even a Viktor Bout website at that proceeds to explain things in an entirely different light than what is portrayed. Ironically his website successfully captures the essence of this series and many of the same points are made.

However on the other note with people like Osama bin Laden, he has more or less already made convincing public confessions because many see him as a hero. Because of that it would seem a huge reward is being offered to capturing him with out too much concern about if he still has a pulse or not.

There are other international cases in the works, and for the most part the courts in whatever country are testing for political content before ruling to grant extradition to the US. For a complete shopping list of who is wanted all you need do is visit the INTERPOL website. But it is worth mentioning that INTERPOL does its own political content evaluation of wanted people. However it is unknown if that is evenly spread from country to country looking to bring someone in. Meaning a warrant from the US may be more easily accepted than one being issued from another country.

So collectively this group of dots suggests something other than what is etched in stone over the pillars of the US Supreme Court. As it would be if any of this is true it would be totally politically incorrect to assume guilt before a proper trial. But that brings us to the judges.

The US judges have the added task of cutting past the added political and ego driven content to come to a fair and just ruling. However they can only consider the content of what is presented in court and must put aside any feelings and opinions. So with them having the final say, the US courts may not be that bad after all.

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