WikiLeaks good or bad Part 4

It seems to be coming down to morals, ethics, and a bunch of other basic core values about WikiLeaks. With the US doing its level best to make it not look like they are doing anything other than complain, this unfolding saga now qualifies for popcorn as the entire wired world watches.

Morals and ethics, they are the basis of our foundation taught to us at a very young age. We are taught to always do what is right and to do so without shame or disgrace no matter what other people say. That is what this WikiLeaks thing is all about.

Perhaps it was failure on other fronts that lead to this action of exposing what is going on behind the scene with the US government. Or perhaps it was arrogance and being lead in countless circles. But no matter what it was, it is here and WikiLeaks has setup a reverse dead man’s switch should there be any attempts to take it out. Should the founder be exposed to what could be defined as extreme hassle or harm, the worst nightmare documents will be automatically released. It is a bit like the 1971 classic movie “The Andromeda Strain”. In the movie a nuclear bomb is set to go off if there is contamination detected in the secure lab, and only one person has a key that can stop the nuclear explosion that is meant to sterilize the area.

Getting back to the morals and ethics of WikiLeaks, it is very easy to take either side and satisfy your moral commitment. Keeping stuff private is one thing, but apparently this leak has good too in it as well. At the very least it has become an icebreaker for places like North Korea simply spelling out in no uncertain terms that the leader is a spoiled brat who needs a proper spanking.

That in your face bluntness from China about North Korea seems to be a wake up call that everyone has been to afraid to come out and say. With some luck that may change things, but when dealing with an ill mind, the results are nearly impossible to predict.

From the US perspective it discloses secrets and exposes people to harm. But that is the nature of the dirty side. How many times have we heard in movies that a country would deny involvement if someone was caught be it a hot Russian spy or not.

At the very least WikiLeaks has shaken things up and perhaps changed the game. To say this is good or bad is again a choice and in both cases you would be right and wrong no matter what you said. So for now we must look at the latest turn of events.

With the arrest of the WikiLeaks founder doing nothing to stop the flow of information, it seems the only way to stop it is to take down the internet, but the chances of that happening are slim to none. The internet was designed to be decentralized in the event of attack so it would survive.

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