Cyber call to arms

In yet more fallout from the WikiLeaks issue, apparently hackers have taken sides with WikiLeaks and ultimately the global media. Websites that have apparently caved in to political pressure to choke off WikiLeaks are now under cyber attack.

This is quickly turning into a highly emotional and motivated bit of real life drama unfolding on the Internet. It is hard not to take sides with this and Connecting the Dots openly admits to siding with the media. Seeing in that we too were the victim of government influenced passive censorship putting us on the last page of search engines, we simply must disclose that we may sound a bit bias.

This all stems from the simple right to know the truth and particularly so if it has some direct affect on a person or persons. WikiLeaks has provided the call to arms, and when the very obvious run of ‘Bad luck’ Wikileaks has been having with finding a server, and getting its cash flow choked off, it becomes extremely apparent that it is not bad luck at all but deliberate passive influence by governments.

So as it stands, the cyber warriors who are siding with WikiLeaks and the media are apparently attacking the services that ceased servicing WikiLeaks. They are using exactly the same type of attack that WikiLeaks is experiencing called a Denial Of Service attack. This is done simply by maxing out the server so it chokes and crashes.

As this seems to be just the opening salvos of a super size can of worms, it seems we can expect very soon this will become a full blown cyber war significantly choking service in some places. In short this becomes everyone’s war one way or the other. The fundamental right to know the truth is at stake. We have seen the progressive encroachment of governments by applying incremental censorship to the Internet. As adults generally do not like to be treated like children, it is quick to see the masses will take sides with the media and WikiLeaks.

Even that some of the WikiLeaks cables are truly private in nature, because they are a government document, essentially they are not private but public that may be released to the public at some future date once they cease becoming sensitive. All WikiLeaks did is speed up the release time by 20 or more years.

Essentially this is the very first time that we can see that the public actually has some leverage as the information in question has already passed into the public domain and WikiLeaks holds the upper hand about releasing it. Seeing that encrypted copies of the file have been disbursed around the Internet waiting for the secret code, this quickly becomes a scene out of “Terminator 3 Judgment day” where one keystroke unleashes the machines on man.

So all we can say at this point is this too will become a popcorn event with one added twist. Rather than sitting on the sidelines munching on popcorn as a spectator, the war is fighting for your right to know, and that makes you a player as well.

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