China’s newest monument to intolerance

In what clearly will become something China never wished it did, they have created their own Peace prize. At the moment in a rage of anger, it sound like a good idea to the leaders. But simply this will become just another example of when people get angry and out of control, they ultimately lose and end up with less than they started with.

China’s new self version of the Nobel Peace Prize is truly a monument to their intolerance of other people having other ideas about what is right and what is wrong. This is truly a spectacle of self destruction the entire world is watching. To compare this it is like watching an angry man swinging at everything and everyone who even remotely resembles what the Nobel Prize is about.

Cutting off Norway politically is just one such extremely foolish anger driven action. Norway is just a piece of real-estate when you come right down to it. Clearly they are doing the guilt by association thing hoping to intimidate others into submission. But as the Norwegian government is in no way connected to the Nobel prizes, is clearly shows that the Chinese government has blown at least one unit and a few others are ready to go. In nature a dog chasing its tail or its shadow is about the same as they are in fact in some way angry about themselves being unacceptable to others. They are clearly trying to apply the same methods they use on Chinese people or anyone for that fact who is in China outside of China. It is astonishingly sad to see China’s government consume itself in this temper tantrum. Ultimately it will end in the rest of the world having significant less respect for the Chinese Government as nearly everyone over the age of 10 can relate to the Nobel prizes in a positive way.

In another comparison it is why people gather around someone getting ready to jump and take their lives, it is a bit of morbid curiosity. In this case it is clearly the Chinese government standing on that ledge as the world watches and waits for this act of self destruction to unfold.

To some this up, the more the Chinese government reacts this way, the more they substantiate why the 2010 Nobel Peace prize was awarded to who it was. The Chinese government’s actions and reactions about this are anything other than peaceful.

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