Overtime and relationships don’t mix

if you ever take a look at people who work endless hours of overtime, you will probably note one thing. That one thing is their relationship with their significant other is on the rocks or in other states of significant dysfunction. So although overtime may be good for the wallet and bank account, it is likely to lead to divorce making all that hard earned money belong to your future ex.

As we can only be in one place at one time, neglecting your duties at home does take a toll. If you have a spouse and children then you need spend time with them. Prolonged droughts of any type take a toll on the surrounding landscape. The need remains and must be dealt with. Infidelity and other such fallout often come from just such a situation.

Companies often assign duties that require prolonged long hours or frequent out of town trips to people that are single as they are aware of the potential damage long working hours have. The occasional call for overtime is not an issue and in some cases helpful. It gives a little time to breath.

It is important to carefully weigh what will happen to your relationship if you are never there to tend to it. Keep in mind that your choices are your choices, and to consider the consequences.

There are no real answers to this and each situation is unique. Your employer and you should come to some understanding about balance between duties at work and at home. To have a functional relationship you need to have at least 1 hour of time every day devoted to that. Without that you will soon find yourself drifting apart.

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