What we meant was (WikiLeaks damage control)

If you have time to sit down and read the original WikiLeaks release, and then listen to others trying to tell you what you are reading, you may start to wonder about the reading comprehension skills of the person who is trying to give their opinion. So it is easy to see that losing the real information in dozens of twists and turns and stories that have little to do with the facts is the name of the game.

Listen to what is coming from other people about the content of the WikiLeaks, and you may eventually conclude there was no Holocaust. The gradual twisting and bending of the story into something that is harmless to the US government is clearly the only option the US has. The brainwashing of the public has clearly started, and the people with sheep mentality will be the first to be convinced it is all false information in the possession of WikiLeaks and the real information is as such.

The WikiLeaks information is clear enough that you don’t need someone to tell you what it means. If someone said so and so was an idiot, you don’t need another person to translate that for you. What you probably will be told by the other person is that so and so had a few too many drinks one day and acted a bit odd. In reality so and so is not like that at all. Say that enough and it will soon be forgotten as just spending too much time at the local pub.

The only sure way to not be lead astray is to read the information yourself. At some point it will be widely available and may even become a significant chapter in US history no less significant than the 9-11 attacks.

As the information in the cables was written by competent people, there is no need to assume ill intent. They were only looking to relay factual information as they saw it and understood it to be. There was no need for some public spokesman to add political double-talk. The Wikileaks information is not superficial as what is typically heard, this stuff gets right down to the bone.

With that said, it is always best to read what was said yourself.  If you have an IQ above 85 then you should be able to understand the content yourself as it is in simple English and has few if any terms that are not part of general conversations.

So in short get ready for the blitz of counter information. Just remember that the anchor lies in the original WikiLeaks document and you will be fine and well connected with the truth.

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