The Chinese government meltdown

In what very much resembles a struggle in quicksand, the efforts of the Chinese government to ignore they are far from the mainstream and are looking to punish the people that pointed that out, appears to be exactly like a terrible Two temper tantrum. So we sit and watch this self destruction unfold.

In what can only be described as enormously embarrassing behavior, the Chinese government put on a display that for the most part rivaled the intensity of the grandiose display for the recent Olympic games. When they were confronted with the world’s most prestigious award that simply reflected the world’s general view of the Chinese government and honored the person seeking to bring about change moving the Chinese government into the main stream, the facing of that reality was simply too much and they melted down.

To go up against the Nobel Peace prize that has been around for over 100 years is a bit of a task. For the most part, Nobel prizes carry the weight and respect of the world. To show the general disrespect for the Nobel Prizes was what first got the world’s attention. The behavior of the Chinese government simply reinforced that the prize was properly awarded.

That only made them more angry adding more heat to the meltdown that was well under way. Being forced to look in the mirror and not like what they see was what this is all about. But this was not like differing views between governments, this was for the most part going up against the world all at once. So in an ultimate display of arrogance, the Chinese came up with their own version of the peace prize that backfired even more on them. People that were said to support the prize knew nothing about it.

The fact that the display of outrage was so long and still on going and of such intensity simply says this meltdown is off the scale. There is truly nobody to attack and they can only blame themselves, and that is out of the question. So the mental meltdown cycle continues and as it does it simply proves more and more how out of touch they are. If it continues it could eventually result in some equal to a nervous breakdown. As that has never been seen before or at least we are not aware of it, it most certainly will be something to watch. As we do not know what will happen, it may be worth a bag of popcorn to watch this.

We don’t even want to predict what will happen, but whatever it is it is sure to be messy as the Chinese government gags on their own venom. It is clear not everyone in the Chinese government holds the same level of arrogance and disagreement with the awarding of the Nobel Peace prize, that much was apparent in past uprisings. So to assume there is huge cracks developing in the Chinese government is simply an understatement.

The fact this was so over the top behavior we decided to write about it. Looking that the reaction and the behavior of the Chinese government is out of control, says a lot. There are a lot of other stories we want to look at, but when the worlds most populous country looks to have a breakdown because face was lost in their mind is worth a second and perhaps even a third look.

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