Thai election politics in full effect

Even that no elections have been called, winning over votes is in full swing. The one common language that all Thais understand is the common theme, and that is more money in their pockets, and you see it just about every place you look.

Open any of the mainstream media websites that cover Thailand and you will see things like extended savings and lowering of prices. The one difference is the democratic party is trying to at least make it reflect that these discounts are the result of putting corruption in check and thus allowing prices to fall naturally.

The corrupt politicians however are attempting more old style politics. The Pheu Thai Party (PTP) has apparently printed up some dirt on the democratic party and is distributing it where their voter base is. So rather that trying to be the better person, they are focusing on pulling others down.

The smaller parties are re-posturing and regrouping to provide a bit more political leverage when it comes time for power sharing negotiations when the next government is formed. A bigger minor party that can shift power tends to have significant leverage in Thai politics.

The attempt by the democrats to show we are not the bad guys is also underway. Working to release jailed Red Shirts with more minor offences tends to relay that. There is little doubt they are reminded that if the situation was reversed with pro Thaksin people in power, they would probably rot in jail for a very long time as no such compassion exists in the Thaksin camp. Disappearing is more likely than getting cut loose.

This also means dirty politics is at play as well. Although that will probably never hit the news by mainstream media, it will be transmitted via jungle drums if you would. But dirty politics still needs to get past the Election Commission and the Constitution. Based on the most recent elections where some of the winners are still under investigation with the possibility of yellow or red cards being issued, it would seem a slow learning curve is still being observed.

So coming down to it, if and when Prime Minister Abhisit calls for a new election, all the pre election campaigning is already underway by all parties. If and when new elections come there will be three things that must happen. First is political violence must come to an end. Second the election winds must be blowing in favor of the democrats. Third the new elections must not be too soon so as to allow the banned Thai Rak Thai (TRT) politicians back in the game. As it stands now there will be significant time after their ban ends before the next elections are held.

The PTP is doing a good job all by itself making itself looking like the black sheep of the flock, and only the most color blind people will not notice.

So for some it will be a wonderful relief that Thai politics is getting past Thaksin driven violence, or at least under control for the moment. If Thaksin side loses, it is a comfortable bet violence will return if Thaksin is still in the game.

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