Amateur drinking night

New Years Eve for many is a night of partying and drinking to excess. It is also a night of stupid mistakes and placing others in danger. It is the one night of the year that most people in the party mood will require some sort of babysitter to see that they do not find themselves on the Darwin Awards website.

Certainly New Years Eve is the excuse many need to go out and flex their elbow in excess while holding and alcoholic beverage in their hand, and who is to stop them. After all everyone is entitled to enjoy the night in any way they please. But as with most non drinkers who do, they find they quickly drink too much before they realize what is going on, and the recipe for problems is created.

In all the substances a person can consume to alter their perception of the world, alcohol is considered  the stupid substance. That is simply because the more a person consumes, the more stupid they get. Without even citing any statistics, one can easily imagine unwanted pregnancies or the contraction of some STD are greater when drinking is involved.

The roads are much more dangerous in that the news the next day tends to report the stupidness statistics of the night including the Darwin Awards nominees. Other more prolonged examples of stupidness will appear in the following days with court appearances and other such undesirables.

It is because of this, the people that are out regularly and indulge themselves tend to want to stay home. The inflated prices for new years eve parties, and the other things people can expect on the super party night of the year are just for the most part unneeded. If they want to drink and have a private house party then that becomes the budget option.

So with all of this said, Connecting the Dots wants to wish all a safe and enjoyable night. There are only a few nights a year that have a built in sober up day the next day. We certainly hope and wish to see you prosper in the next year.

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