2011 predictions

Looking ahead a 2011 and looking to make a few predictions, we must first connect the dots of the past. Unfortunately what we see is not much different.

2011 starts us off with seeing the weather continuing to dominate the headlines. Climate change is likely to continue taxing the coffers of governments. With roughly $225 Billion spent in 2010 we predict similar numbers for this year.

As for assorted wars, nuclear threats, terrorism, we see propaganda twisting what we hear to fit a particular agenda. That is nothing new so here again is same old same old with the exception of Korea. It seems face or loss of face may drive this to conflict as it is an Asian conflict.

As for achievements, there are a few changes in the works that technology can save a lot of people money. But to do this, the old obsolete ways must be put away forever. There are some medical breakthroughs that are nearing the end of their study period and if all goes well, there should be some cancers that can be cured and perhaps even HIV can be eliminated with a substance that does not allow the virus to dock with cells. If it can not dock then for the most part the cure is here.

WikiLeaks will be a big part of 2011. There is plenty of stuff there to keep the most avid bookworm busy for months reading all that was meant to be private. The expected shakeups will happen and it will be a wake up call to some governments who are wandering off into some self serving fantasy world.

We will also see some examples of democracy only when convenient. There are several countries that are on the edge of being not democratic to fit the ego of one or more powerful politicians. Once a country starts down that slippery slope it becomes hard to stop.

On the political front the US government will start trying to go backwards for self serving financial reasons ignoring the need to grasp and run with new technology. The gap between how educations are given in the US when compared to other countries will be a major topic in 2011, and there will be some solid efforts to fix it.

We also will see a trend of corporate propaganda. The US Supreme court has unleashed this unchecked flow meant simply to make bigger profits. Corporate spin on global warming meant to suggest it is not as bad as others make it to be is just one example. Just rent any disaster movie to understand the plot line on this trend. That is just one of many self serving themes that can be expected.

There will also be some major political shakeups as the result of deaths of powerful people. This will lead to power struggles and for the most part be game changers in those countries.

Other than that, sports will be sports and the usual diversions will remain for all when the need to escape from the real world pops up again.

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