Pheu Thai Party out of options

No matter how much spin the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) puts on the quality of their top politicians, the fact is many do not have a clue on how to perform their job. What this simply means is they only have the ability to be puppets of Thaksin, and for the most part that means recycling the same problems of 2008.

There is no need to have any talent or even an education when you are a politician in Thaksin’s PTP. That is simply because Thaksin will be running things making all decisions, all you need do is pretend you know what you are doing and sign papers.

It also seems Thaksin is aware of the short comings of what is left in the PTP barrel to pick from. So rather than cause conflict he will allow one or more members of the PTP that are being put up for top positions to show their stuff. The upcoming censure debate is of little consequence when looking at the calendar. It simply is an opportunity granted by law to take a few more swings at Prime Minister Abhisit and his government. Win or lose it simply provides a stage for PTP politicians to demonstrate their talents.

It is clear that Thaksin expects the censure debate to be lost, and also he can cite that as a reason to pick his own puppet over the cries of the PTP MPs. That way he can continue to show he is the man and not to be doubted. In short this is a diplomatic way to end conflict and will play out much like a sports game pitting the top ranked team against the bottom ranked team.

Quoting the Bangkok Post;

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has given the green light for Puea Thai Party list-MP Mingkwan Saengsuwan to prove he has what it takes to lead the party, a Puea Thai MP says.

Chaiya Promma, an MP for Nong Bua Lam Phu, yesterday returned from Dubai, where he met Thaksin, and said the former premier had no objection to Mr Mingkwan seeking party support for his nomination as alternative prime minister should there be a change of government.

He said Thaksin told the visiting MPs that the party’s candidate for the prime minister nomination must possess three qualities: a determination to push for national reconciliation, a knowledge of economic affairs and be widely acceptable to MPs and the public.

“He thinks Mr Mingkwan has the qualifications,” Mr Chaiya said.

It was reported last week that Thaksin wanted his younger sister, Yingluck Shinawatra, to head the party into the election.

Puea Thai chief MP Chalerm Yubamrung said he would not object if Mr Mingkwan was chosen to lead the party.

Mr Chalerm did confirm that Mr Mingkwan must prove his leadership by heading the party in a coming censure debate.

Another senior party member said Thaksin had allowed Mr Mingkwan the opportunity to prove his worth out of gratitude for his help in covering the party’s expenses.

However, the source said Thaksin was still expected to opt for Ms Yingluck as a matter of trust.

Thaksin had assigned Mr Mingkwan a task which seemed almost impossible to accomplish – to lead a successful censure debate with no experience.

The source expected Ms Yingluck to be unveiled as the new party leader before the next general election.

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