Bank of America does WikiLeaks guilty dance

With Bank of America (BOA) doing what amounts to an admission that they did something very wrong, a person can only wonder just what it is that they did. What was so bad and damning that all out damage control is underway before an anticipated WikiLeaks release is the question of the moment.

The question is clearly what is making the top management at BOA go into panic mode. What was it that they did that seems to be shaking them down to their bones. Most certainly Americans have their gripes with bank charging fees for everything they can possibly imagine, and that is in clear public view. But WikiLeaks now suggests that there is much more dirt under the carpet than is tolerable should the general public ever find out.

So just observing the pre-game panic dance at BOA, clearly suggests that BOA has sufficient reason to go into panic mode. They know what they did is wrong, and watching them do their panic dance simply cries out for some sort of government investigation into business practices that are likely to be unethical at the least to illegal at the worst.

putting all this together and the typical ‘Golden Parachute’ that is seen when upper management is cut loose, there could even be concerns for the safety and welfare of upper management at their homes. Sucking the last few pennies out of a persons wallet who is down on their luck does invite retaliation.

So once again we are forced to ask about WikiLeaks. Seeing in that BOA went through all the bother to stop transactions to WikiLeaks accounts, the ‘Don’t bite the hand that feeds you’ scenario seems to be playing out in dramatic form. When it comes to the power of the Internet, all players are equal. A simple blog entry like this could fell a giant.

So in the event WikiLeaks does disclose damning information on BOA, are they then whistle blowing heros because Americans looking for a payback for all those bullshit bank fees have found a new champion, or are they not is again the question. Just watching BOA do the guilty dance is amusing enough to start with, and that may call for popcorn with vinegar as every American who has BOA plastic in their wallets has a stake in this.

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