WikiLeaks good or bad Part 8

Now that WikiLeaks has been solidly entrenched in the news of late, it was curious to see the variety of spins put on it. There has been a whole range of descriptions from bland to extremely colorful metaphors. In this installment of the series we thought we would present that wonderful array and look at who was saying them.

It would seem that how a person feels about WikiLeaks depends a lot on how screwed over they feel as a result of actions by the US government. It seems to be ‘What goes around, comes around’ or ‘What is good for the goose, is good for the gander’ thinking that drives the pro WikiLeaks opinion.

The anti WikiLeaks opinions come from inside the government being present or past employees or public servants. Also people who show devout patriotism in that the US can do no wrong, and people with the loudest American arrogance also weigh in on the Anti WikiLeaks side.

For the most part it seems the bulk of the people fall in on the curiosity side. People listen to the latest gossip from Hollywood on a daily basis to hear about their favorite movie stars and other trend setters, so WikiLeaks essentially is a very close parallel to that. To see the big guy fall face first into some undesirable situation is always worth watching. There is a similar morbid curiosity to people gathering around a person getting ready to jump off a building.

Perhaps the most impressive description of the WikiLeaks founder is ‘Truth teller’ as that is essentially what he is doing. So when a prosecutor in court starts in on attacking the accused looking to sway the jury to convict, they will dig up and display as much dirt as they possibly can adding their own unique spin. In this case the US sits as the accused and the jury is the entire population of the planet. As the US has described the leaks as embarrassing, the connection is very clear on the good for the goose and good for the gander thing. So in that case ‘Payback is a bitch’ also applies.

So it is easy to picture that the accused would like nothing more than to stuff a gag in the mouth of the prosecutor, and with that you can see the connection to the over the top sexual assault charges for consensual sex. It would even be clear to Helen Keller what is going on in this case. When was the last time INTERPOL got involved with consensual sex and to only have a person answer some questions. All avenues to satisfy questioning have always been open via technology or in person in other places, to reject that simply says they want to apply some physical abuse (hidden agenda) to the accused far from public view. For the most part it is very clear what is going on.

Couple that with very vocal comments from anti WikiLeaks people saying he should be killed, and the dots actually come out and slap you in the face to get your attention. It is very clear he will meet some accidental death by some third party in jail. It seems that’s a very similar reaction to being the accused in court wanting to do the same to the prosecutor.

Part of a periodic series.

One Response to WikiLeaks good or bad Part 8

  1. Paul C. Parvis says:

    I believe your comment
    “In this case the US sits as the accused and the jury” seems somewhat inappropriate and probably overlooking the real issues.

    There are certain factions within the US Government who want to suppress Wikileaks information. But the real problem – from my standpoint – is not Wikileaks but the ‘unethical behaviour’ by individuals employed by the respective Governments – and – who were possibly even paid – by Wikileaks – to leak this information.