A world of drama

Just sit back and look around. It seems no matter what direction you look, things are heading south with violence, the potential of violence, and the devastating effects of climate change. Never in the history of man has so much negative been going on at the same time, and we can only wonder and speculate as to the reasons why.

Population growth and intolerance for others seems to top the list. The distance between people is being reduced, and many are far from showing the ability to interact with others. Religious intolerance seems to be seen most in the news, and it would seem the Muslim religion captures that headline most often. But as each new day unfolds, that intolerance seems to be growing from the most extreme followers to being more mainstream. With houses of worship being torched, followers being killed, and governments seemingly lacking the will to clamp down on this behavior, it all seems like we are heading for self extinction at some point in the not to distance future.

Looking at the Ivory Coast, we see a dictator who messed up and did not rig the elections, now he is being forced out. This will get messy with plenty of blood before it is all over. It is a shame the price that must be paid for democracy in many cases.

In North Korea we see a mentally disturbed leader who has no idea of what the rest of the world is about. Unfortunately this is looking more and more like a preemptive strike will be needed.

In Iran, more nuts with nukes. Apart from being incredibly bad liars, there is another case of bomb them first in the works with this.

Turn your attention to the growing anger in the US about politics that have become dysfunctional because the art of compromise is on life support. The taking of sides seems to be chronic no matter where you look.

Look south and you will see Australia with biblical flooding and Brazil is not faring much better. That weather is all being magnified by climate change. There are so many other places that are feeling this as well, they can not all be listed.

The warmer air is evaporating water faster, and the skies can only hold just so much. With 2cm drops of water falling at rates of 15 to 20 cm per hour, that can quickly create walls of water crashing through population centers. That will be the new inland tsunami, no need for a 8.0 earthquake. Note that the term Inland tsunami’ is a new term that describes a climate change event.

Where you care to have looked, a few Typhoon, or hurricane type storms in 2010 were right on the line where category 6 would be if there was one based on extrapolation. With 230 mph gusts and winds of category 6 strength sustained for a minute or more is a new reality. There is not a whole lot of infrastructure that can stand up to that punishment for more than a few minutes.

As this is just the start of 2011, at this rate we may start to wonder if we can make it to December 2012 when it is all going to end according to the Aztecs. The earth’s magnetic poles are galloping about at about 40 miles per year, and that is far faster than before. With that said, one can only wonder what that means as we near that galactic tipping point.

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