WikiLeaks Assange Sweden query not adding up

The more time goes by, the more a person comes to realize the US wants Julian Assange locked away for any charge they can find from Jaywalking right on up to capital crimes. As the Sweden questioning parameters and chain of events thus far just don’t add up, it is very clear the justice system is being completely and totally misused. The reasons cited are not even in the neighborhood of making any sense at all when you look at all the dots.

As it stands now, the longer the attempts to get Julian Assange back to Sweden take, the more it looks like the charges are phantoms, and although judges don’t consider things outside of what is presented in the court, should the defense lawyer for Julian Assange cite that no other cases have anything close to the parameters of this case, it clearly opens the door to uncharted legal waters.

To look at the normal chain of events in how cases like this (or others for that matter) would typically unfold, this is like trying to put a 3 inch square peg in a 1 inch round hole. Below is the normal chain of events, and the unusual situation with the Julian Assange case.

A complaint is made to the police about an alleged crime. At this point a written statement is given and it becomes the root document for everything else that follows.

If a perpetrator is named, then they are invited to be questioned. To avoid self incrimination, that interview can be declined by the accused. In this case Julian Assange offered to be questioned before he left Sweden, and that was even before they insisted on wanting to see him.

It is important to note that at this stage Julian Assange has not been charged with a crime as this is technically still in the evidence gathering stage. Because of that simple fact, and the fact that Julian Assange has offered to be questioned in Person in London, or by video conference, he has essentially satisfied the situation.

However because that very reasonable situation satisfying offer has been turned down by the Swedish prosecutor, and the fact the Swedish prosecutor has already spent much more money on getting Julian Assange back to Sweden than taking up Julian’s situation satisfying offer, it is very clear the label on the package does not match the content.

It is unheard of that INTERPOL would put this type of allegation on their hot list. That particular list is reserved for people that have actually been charged with a crime and on the run, or a person convicted and on the run.

Add to that the unusually high bail amount and conditions for Julian Assange to be released, and you cant help but see things are so out of per portion it is beyond absurd and ridiculous and rests in the realm of fanatical and out of control rage. Couple that with the fact Sweden could have easily satisfied their desire to see Julian Assange while he was incarcerated, it is very clear things are very wrong.

So the next step is an extradition hearing and it will be no doubt questioned as to why the Swedish prosecutor rejected multiple situation satisfying offers. It is very possible that granting extradition or not will hinge on the ability of the Swedish prosecutor to satisfy the judge with a reason that the situation satisfying offers could not satisfy.

The reason time plays so much a factor in this is because what we are seeing with the misuse of laws and manipulations that are being disclosed in the WikiLeaks cables, is exactly what is going on with this alleged wrong doing on the part of Julian Assange. So simply put, a real time demonstration of what WikiLeaks made public, is now being done to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. This also shows that there is a double standard in that the laws can be manipulated for self serving reasons by some in high places.

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