Custom designed humans Part 2

So as we continue to look at the possibility where this will all lead, history has shown technology will eventually trickle down to people with far lower ethical standards and only see profit in the use of this technology. So you can well imagine the results of ethical lapses.

So lets assume that it will take about 5 to 10 years of only ethical use of gene modification before vanity use starts. Seeing that vanity is a visual consideration, one can expect what is done with plastic surgery will be done with genes.

For starters, parents deciding their unborn daughter should comfortably fill a C or D cup bra would probably be the most common female change. Seeing that genetic enhancement may help her chances in society’s sexually driven favoritism, it tends to be an investment in her financial security and thus justified.

For a boy, his parents may decide on genes that would let him be hung like a horse and not like a pony. For whatever reason sexual enhancements tend to be the driving force for doing vanity surgery. To be more attractive or a better performer seems to top the list.

There could be changes that will alter a persons adult height or increase their metabolism to avoid getting fat. There could be changes that select the color of eyes or even the color of hair. For that fact even the amount of hair can be changed. Male baldness could be dealt with and women who have excessive body hair could also be corrected.

Stepping ahead even more, the chances that the technology becomes so advanced, the regrowth of an amputated limb may be possible with post birth applications. For the most part everything we have listed can be justified in some form or fashion. A persons appearance does help self esteem and confidence. A persons appearance can land a job or close a deal as well. But the question remains is should we use this for vanity.

Connecting the Dots will not say yes or no to this. We all must answer this for ourselves, and we are confident finding both sides will have the same number of answers with some pro and some against.

So assuming this is given the thumbs up, then there will be a new group of people taking this technology further down into the ethical gutter in the next round. At that point who knows what will be in that round of enhancements. For what it is worth, sporting events will no longer be on an even playing field. No need for steroids to get an edge, its all in the designer genes.

So to just entertain a thought, what changes would you like to do to yourself? Would you want to be taller or perhaps have slightly different facial features. Perhaps be able to eat all you want and not gain any weight. Perhaps you would want to have increased sexual stamina so you could quite literally go all night long non stop. It is these thoughts and more that are likely to lead to places we should never go. We have seen that nature knows best, all we need do is look around at the mess we made of the planet and you can fairly easily connect we are likely to be in exactly the same shape.

One Response to Custom designed humans Part 2

  1. I think you are assuming a lot before these traits can me made to select so easily.

    It does make an interesting thought experiment though.