Keeping anarchy in check

It is a bit scary for some people to see just how fast society can fall apart and slip into anarchy. In reality it takes just about 1 day. So if you weigh that thought, you begin to realize how shallow our so called society is and humans being not that different from what we call animals.

Hollywood has depicted this behavior many times, and in this case Hollywood takes the scrip from so call experts in the field. We see various examples of this in real life when governments are too weak to maintain order, or they simply fail.

So while maintaining that thought, we start to see just how shallow our society really is. Those we call high society being the one who drag their noses on the ceilings of buildings will just as quickly get into the mix once the survival instinct kicks in. Fighting over a bit of food with someone who has suddenly realized how artificial their world actually was would be a common occurrence.

So now when you consider all of this, you start to ask yourself just how much of our world is real being reality based, and how much is artificial just to keep people pacified. So for the most part you can throw away social structure being there will be no classes of people. That is because at some point money will no longer matter. That will be simply be replaced with brute force. We frequently see birds trying to attack other birds with food in their mouths in an attempt to get them to drop the food.

So once money has lost all value and the paper it is printed on can be better used as toilet paper, we regress to using wit and brute force to feed ourselves. In fact anything short of being locked up will have little impact on how people behave.

So looking at what would bring on anarchy, we see several things. The first one is a people revolt like what was seen in Tunisia. It is very clear the President who fled the country when he felt he could not control the popular revolt simply is the classic signature of a bully. The fact that governments of other countries in the region suddenly sat up and took notice says they also felt the same tickle on their survival instincts and make some quick adjustments to the prices of staples like milk, bread and eggs. The fear of spread was significant.

So if anarchy can break out so easy by pissing off the people in some countries, we can clearly see that this behavior is just below the surface everyplace. The only difference is the amount of pissing off required.

So fast forward a few years when food starts to become more scarce as a result of climate change. Crops destroyed as a result of severe weather, thus making the price of food more expensive. People who have the means will start to compensate by growing what they can and the others will simply have to pay ridiculous prices for the most basic of foods. It becomes fairly easy to see is all it will take is one flash point wit this formula, and anarchy will break out driven by hunger and the desire to survive.

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