The world will be consumed

The warning signs are all around us. Bits and pieces of open spaces are being consumed every day. In fact even the sand on beaches is not immune from this onslaught of consumption. That simply means nothing will be immune and it all will disappear.

What we are talking about is the spread of advertising to cover every available space. Each day it is surprising to see where it springs up. In fact some has become high tech and a driving hazard. Huge TV screens that distract drivers for more than a glimpse can and do lead to accidents. In fact the are much more dangerous that talking on your phone while driving and rival texting because eyes are removed from the road.

Some beaches are imprinted with the logo of a company in the morning with an ATV pulling an impression drum. Buses and trains now have TV screens that run ads. In fact we fully expect crop circles to be infected at some time as well. In fact it has become so chronic it is hard to say where will it all end. Speaking on ends, toilet paper as well has already been used as a printable surface.

But it goes past that as well, some mothers have noted that birthmarks on some children resemble company logos. That must have to do with all the genetically altered foods that finds their way to the store. Who is to say the real reason for all that genetic research.

It is unescapable. Take a moment to duck into a public toilet, and even there you are starting to find electronic media being generated in your face as you sit or stand tending to nature’s call.
Even places that are designed to be quiet and secure are being invaded. Take for example a hospital room. Even there the company names of hospital equipment are oversized and right where you can see them. No longer is the case of looking for the tag with product and serial number the only place you will know who made the equipment.

Oversize logos on shirts, or printed on the waste band of pants, or even on the accessory be it a belt or whatever. There is even an effort to make displaying the name of what you where a fad by just printing a shirt with a company name on it. The company logo has become a symbol of status so move over Versace here comes Diesel.

So the question or challenge is where can you go to avoid advertisement. Certainly not you home or even the sanctuary of your bedroom. Your bedroom has some oversize logo someplace in it. That is unless you are living in a log cabin off the grid. There you are safe knowing that the Stanley axe and the Coleman lanterns that help you survive are your friends.

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