America’s addiction reflected in Mexican drug war

With a full blow war going on in Mexico at the border between police, military and the drug traffickers, you have to wonder what is the driving force that has cost thousands of lives. The answer is America’s drug addiction, and it only looks to be getting worse.

With the new census results out showing that the US has swollen to 310 Million people, it is no wonder the fight for turf in Mexico is so violent. Billions of dollars worth of drugs are smuggled into the US every year to feed the apatite of users. But with the number of deaths so high, it seems that one person has died for every successful shipment of drugs into the US. For the record, at least 30100 people have died since 2006. That works out to about 20 people a day in very round numbers. Visually that is a line of people nearly 19 miles long.

So with that thought, every drug user should be forced to think about at least 1 person died for the high they are about to experience. It may or may not have an effect, but in a way it is a bit like eating human flesh if you come and think about it. No need to make the comparison to the cannibal killers of the US, the rewards of that human slaughter is going on across the country every single day.

Yes it is a gruesome thought, but essentially accurate. That high was paid for with a life, so consuming that drug is the same as consuming the flesh of the person that died getting the drug into the hands of the user.

So where does this leave America’s conscience is the question. Perhaps it has never been framed this way before, and giving that thought and how humans respond. It may have some effect but people will soon become desensitized. Even the sight of headless bodies hanging from a bridge will not be shocking at some point. The Hollywood gossip column from a Hartford Connecticut radio station will get more attention.

So it is both frustrating and a sad thought that this is the way we are, but we seem to lack the will or ability to deal with the cause and continue to suffer the effect. The chain must be broken, and any link will do the job.

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