Thaksin: Its all about me!

Perhaps this could be semi defined as coming out of the closet for Thaksin. For the Thais that have not figured it out, in his last phone in it became abundantly clear that Thaksin’s only motive is to get back into power and he needs to use people to get there.

Thaksin’s spin became much more pronounced this past week with the shedding of doubt about Prime Minister Abhisit’s intention to dissolve parliament in the very near future. He also expressed doubts about the Democrat party being able to win, so that everyone should just vote for the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) to insure a landslide victory so he could come back to Thailand and assume power again. As blunt as it sounds, that is exactly what Thaksin needs and wants.

Quoting The Nation;

Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra Saturday urged his supporters to vote for the Pheu Thai in the next election so that he could return to Thailand to develop the country.
In a phone call to address his supporters at the Rong Dharma Samakkhi Temple in Chiang Mai’s San Kamphaeng district, Thaksin claimed he had a fast-tract measure to develop Thailand and make the country prosper.
“But let me return to Thailand first. Most of all, please help the Pheu Thai win the election so that I can return to Thailand,” Thaksin said.

However depending on what poll you hear and what survey you listen to you will hear anything from the Democrats will win because of lack of leadership in the PTP, or the PTP will just win. Now admittedly Connecting the Dots has not been paying much mind to the opinion polls lately because we are not sure about when the elections will be. The reason for that is Prime Minister Abhisit has made it clear to all that any violence would derail any chance of an early election.

On that violence note, it comes down to Thaksin’s call. As he has not groomed anyone to be is successor and probably never will, violence will come if Thaksin feels his chances are better at the end of the year. Thaksin’s ego simply will not even allow the thought of being put out to pasture. Anyone who even shows any potential will simply be told no. Only the inept puppet types will be allowed the chance to be on stage.

However assuming the PTP wins and forms the next government, they have yet to demonstrate any ability to operate within the parameters of the Constitution. There is little doubt they will fast track clearing Thaksin and leave the rest of Thailand to rot just as the People Power Party (PPP) did in 2008. In fact it would be fair to assume this particular legislation is already written so that it could be submitted and voted on inside the first week. With that said, it is sure to bring some bloggers out of hibernation.

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