No old ladyboys

Thailand is a unique and interesting place full of many marvelous sights. One of the things most talked about is Thailand’s ladyboys as they seem to be nearly everyplace you look. The interesting thing is finding a ladyboy over 30 is a rare event.

Perhaps we best start off with the general Thai descriptions of what is what when it comes to describing a ladyboy. Essentially a ladyboy is a transvestite of sorts. Above the waste they appear to be female. Below the waste they are still male.


A Katoy is a person who has completed sexual reassignment surgery and for all practical reasons is now a female.


Generally speaking there is no one reason that it is difficult to find old ladyboys, in fact it is a variety of reasons. For each ladyboy they no doubt come to a day of realization that change is inevitable. For the most part new ladyboys are about 20 years old give or take. They may choose to have surgery to enhance their female appearance that may include breast implants or other procedures. They also start to take female hormones to soften their skin and enhance feminine features.

Thai ladyboyThe problem of change that ladyboys encounter is directly related to still being male. They still have the full male package under their skirts and dresses, and that includes testicles. As testicles produce the male hormone testosterone, ladyboys must put up a daily battle to try to keep their female appearance.

As testosterone is still being produced in male quantities, they simply age like a man and not like a woman. Even taking female hormones can not stop the natural flow of testosterone and the mix of gender related hormones becomes a problem. So for the most part unless a ladyboy has the money for a appearance tuneups every 2 or 3 years, they start to become unattractive and in more than a few cases horrendous looking by the time they hit 40.


As a result this forces a decision to be made. Do they simply hang up their female side and become male again, or do they try to ignore the physical changes and trudge on as a ladyboy. There is one more option that will quickly put an end to the male aging, and that is to finish the job and become a Katoy.


Health wise there are some considerations as well. Messing with hormones can have some very negative health consequences up to and including some forms of cancer. So ending the male female hormone mix becomes a choice as well. Do they go under the knife and become female thus ending the flow of testosterone, or do they end the female hormones allowing their body to become male again surgical enhancements excluded. In either case the earlier it is done the better the results and the less chance of negative consequences.


Now all things considered you begin to see that if you are going to alter your gender appearance it should be complete and not just above the waste. The long term effects of only doing half the job have both physical and mental health issues down the road. That is a very steep price to pay for a few years of living as an attractive female.

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