High society happy or sad Part 2

There is a wealth of happiness in the simplest and most basic things in life. They have for the most part been a constant with people from the moment we stood upright and walked on two feet, and there was no need to pay to experience them.

The simple delight of having a baby smile at you, or the rewards of accomplishment by overcoming a challenge. The feeling people get when they help a friend or a stranger in need. The sense of belonging to a community that is striving for the same goal. These and more offer the emotional bonding with other people that is so much a part of being human.

As humans we are the same in every way physically. All our biological functions from eating to having sex are the same. There is no difference when we get down to basics. But as for what makes us tick, each person has their own drives. There are some people that seem to be destine to rot away in a jail cell for their entire lives, and there are some who are selfless who devote their lives to others. The name Mother Teresa comes to mind and a few others like her that set the benchmark. There are some who create art and others who just look to help ease the pain of others in need in medicine and community.

When you look at the poorest of the poor in places like Haiti, you can find smiling faces in and about conditions that others would easily find dire. And although they do not possess any material things and barely can afford the basic necessities of life, they still can smile and to so effortlessly because they have each other. Each hand washes the other and there is a sense of community that says we are all in this together.

That one thing is completely opposite of what you would find in high society. In that world it is all about ‘Mine is bigger than yours’ and other people are seen as competitors and not comrades. That leaves a person to be surrounded by inanimate objects that can offer none of the human emotional necessities in return. It is difficult if not impossible to make more than a superficial bond with a competitor, particularly so when each has a main focus on wealth and is doing their best to keep up with that endless down escalator.

Now there are some that say they do care and this is all a bunch of garbage, and perhaps so. But there are other bits of evidence that suggest this is the case. Pick any Major city in the USA for example and you will find that people of a feather do flock together. Chinatown is just one example and other ethnic based cultures also have there own sections of town where many products from their home country can be found. The difference is for the most part they are trying to integrate with the rest of the community. In the world of high society, once again they are working at the complete opposite and trying to separate themselves. So the question is who is happier, the person who embraces life with all the good and bad, or the person who sits alone.

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