Choice of words

Listening to the choice of words politicians or governments use provides and interesting insight into what is going on inside their minds. You can see very quickly in the words they use what you can expect when having dealings with them.

Perhaps the most interesting contrast in words is between countries with democracies and countries with dictators. The flavor of the words says a lot. Middle of the road countries with weak democracies also have different words as well.

Perhaps the best example is when a government has to deal with a problem group. The US may say ‘We are dealing with the situation and hope to restore things to normal soon.’. In countries where dictators rule, the choice of words is more like ‘We will hunt them down and crush them like insects.’ . As it would be, both tend to do exactly what they said.

The word ‘crush’ most certainly spews the tone of dictators in that it is my way only. The democratic approach talks about resolving misunderstandings and forward movement. So when one country has dealings with the crushers, it is easy to see how rough things will be politically with this bunch. They are not much if at all into talking, and for the most part other countries are only an annoyance they must put up with.

In examples like North Korea, there is a very big problem because they are not content with how they are being treated. They simply have not connected that acting like a brat bully cost them respect and does not earn it. But as isolated as they are, they have no examples to learn from and are consumed in themselves. The anti social behavior they display is truly tolerated by no country. They tend to use words like punish, and destroy as well as crush.

China also has uttered the word crush from time to time as well. That mostly happens when someone holds up a mirror for them to look in. The convulsions the Nobel prize caused will clearly run hot and heavy until the next winners are selected. The words they used and the actions for the Nobel prize, are a bit like blending gasoline and diesel fuel for a diesel engine. It runs far from smooth and is subject to damaging failure as combustion happens way before it is time.

This could become the basis for a new word game it seems. Select a country and use words they would likely use. Just by selecting the right words, it will be remarkable how much you sound like them. Also If you have any degree in psychology, it will help you find some interesting insights into what makes them tick.

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