When it comes to talking about sex

When it comes to talking about sex, it seems everyone is all ears. It does not matter from what part of the planet you are from or what religion you follow, sex is a topic everyone wants in on.

After all why shouldn’t we talk about sex, it is part of the purpose of life. We are all here to make more life and that requires sex. It is part of our deepest programming as with every other species on the planet. For someone to deny this simply says that person has a problem and should be seeking professional help.

As for who should not be talking about sex, the answer simply is children. That is not something we really need worry about. Prior to puberty, they have no interest about sex and are very content with whatever other diversion they can find. It is only when those hormones kick in that they start to develop that natural desire for sex, and once that starts they simply are on the final path to becoming an adult and sexually active.

But when it comes to talking about sex, it is usually amongst close friends that the most interesting conversations happen. Some conversations can be down right hot and steamy, and others more reserved. And it does not matter what sex is doing the talking.

Many guys think that some of their conversations are down and dirty. But the fact of the matter is the women simply blow the men away in that department. Raw jokes and teasing about sleeping with each others man are not uncommon. Men are much more driven to not share their sex partner and we often see this in nature when the Alpha male fends off all challenges. But for the female, they are equally attracted to the Alpha male. If the Alpha male happens to belong to another women, the conversations can get down rite raw when talking about his male physical attributes and how to put them to good use. This is particularly so if the female who is coupled with the Alpha male is not part of that particular conversation.

In short for men it is more about quantity and for women quality. This is simply how nature put us together and that drives the conversations. Women are naturally attracted to the strongest provider being the Alpha, while men simply look to mate with as many females as possible. Culture says that is wrong in most places and political correctness takes a shot at it too, but who is to argue with nature. We have already proved we can mess up the planet and trigger global warming with our better idea, so perhaps it is time we listen.

So every now and again some politician decides they are going to clamp down on sex one way or another. This has been going on for generations, and each and every time they fail. To deny sex is to deny breathing as both are equally natural and required to sustain life. Countries that are more open about sex tend to have happier people and less friction in society as well.

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