Education the enemy

If you step way back you will see a disturbing pattern of events when the words Muslim and extremist are used in the same sentence. It does not matter what part of the world is being described, the news stories have a similar theme, and that is dead teachers and burned schools.

It is fair to say that the goal of Muslim extremists is to return the world to the way is was around 600 A.D. back in those days the world was full of violence, and violence was needed to control violence. Formal educations were unheard of and the only class book of that time was the Koran. So there is little wonder why the news frequently depicts the smoldering ruins of schools, and dead teachers. They simply were to dare teaching other than what was in the Koran.

Take your pick, Afghanistan and the Taliban, southern Thailand, Somalia, and even parts of Indonesia have had news that matches the anti education theme. Educated people are harder to control, and accept it or not, all religions have or had control over people.

Catholic Cardinals were amongst the most feared, and teachings other than what was in the Bible were dealt with one way or another. Even today where the Catholic Church is viewed as arrogant and anti science, it is still a passive reflection of days past.

As it would be, the only way to stop this anti education behavior is with education. So it becomes a bit of a task to ask a venomous snake to open its mouth voluntarily so its fangs can be removed, but none the less that is the task that must be done.

Trying to figure out how to do this will be the task of scholars. They will need to identify methods that are accepted and or implemented in a way that they simply blend in. But even then it is not a guaranteed fix. They are still trill trying to figure out what will bring an end to Middle East conflict between Jews and Muslims. The only tool that seems to have some effect is the Internet, but that requires stopping Internet censors who have their own agenda.

The Internet has become a form of passive education, and the attack of censors is just another attack on education. Each censor only looks to allow a narrowed view. Even the rewriting of classic American books is a form of censorship. The language, and grammar of the past that contains words that today are considered offensive such as the word Nigger are a part of history and shows the evolution of how America got from point A to Point B.

Should they be removed, they some day will be hunted down as the missing link. Thank goodness there are protected archives that contain the original text out of the reach of censors and governments that look to sanitize to their own political views. That archive is no less important than the seed vault that holds seeds from every plant on the planet.

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