Thai election referendum on Thais as a whole

When given a choice between political parties that have some corruption and parties that are known to be corrupt to the core, Thailand will discover the vote is more than deciding who will lead the country. Vote for corruption and the face of Thais will be dirtied in the eyes of the rest of the world. Vote for politicians that put their efforts into following the letter of the law, and Thais will discover they will have a lot more respect than they do at the moment.

What is clearly shaping up to be a vote for good politicians of the future or bad politicians of the past, there will clearly be people standing on the sidelines watching Thais step forward or Thais step backwards, and that will simply classify them.

The Pheu Thai Party (PTP) is clearly the worst choice as seen from outside eyes. Thaksin Shinawatra is already displaying his dictatorial arrogance over the members of the PTP not allowing them any input to guide the party. if that party comes to power, you can expect that dictatorial arrogance to rule Thailand allowing no choices other than what Thaksin dictates.

There is no guessing here, it is now out and open for all the world to see Thailand’s fate if the PTP are elected. Once Thaksin broke his long silence this month, it became very clear that how he treats the PTP is how he will treat all Thais and foreigners in Thailand.

A vote for other less corrupt parties or for the least corrupt party will move Thailand forward in the eyes of the world. The question about how Thais will be respected simply comes down to how they vote. Do they endorse crime and corruption making it part of Thai culture, or do they reject it and move Thailand forward. Perhaps there should be mirrors at the polling stations to help remind them of their collective face.

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