The ill mind of a confessed pedophile on the run

For the most part it is a rare public display that a pedophile will announce in anyway that they prey on young people for sexual gratification. It is even more rare that a pedophile with an arrest warrant from Thailand and is presently on the run and hiding in China would not keep his head down and try to be out of sight. But apparently his mental illness is so severe another obsession seems to be overriding his survival instincts and he is doing his best to satisfy that obsession.

For the most part sexual predators do their best to go unnoticed and only strike when opportunity is right. In the case of a pedophile they manipulate situations so they can engage in sex with young people. In this case for the most part this can be best defended as a single illness being Pedophilia.  But in this particular case there is a second mental illness as well that is of a psychotic nature that is overriding the actions of common sense survival. So in fact there are two mental illnesses combined making this person much more a threat to society.

The first mental illness is based on an obsession to harm people who he feels have done him wrong, angered him or whatever. He has conducted internet attacks on successful people resulting in financial damages by loss of income, placed doubt in the integrity of these people by making up things and for the most part placing doubt about these successful people. All of which was a product of his sick mind.

One of the victims of this cyber attack successfully pursued legal action in the Thai courts that resulted in a fine and suspended sentence. But because of his psychotic illness he continued his attack in anger and expanded to now include the Thai court as well. This resulted in a second conviction and jail time. To avoid the jail time he fled from Thailand nearly 4 months before his sentencing and before the Thai government could confiscate his passport that is typical just prior to court dates that involve possible incarceration. A much more detailed and well written account from another one of his victims can be read here.

Once in China the pedophiles attack website was reopened with a strong sense of anger at all who he felt did him wrong. (Note: Connecting the Dots has decided not to provide a link to his attack website as it is very obvious the amount of web traffic he gets is a direct stimulant to his undesirable behavior.) He not only used his attack site but he was the topic of blogs and he posted comments regularly.

This behavior resulted in what could be loosely defined as a community action website created by people who are sympathetic to his victims. Apparently there are several authors behind this website. The website was initially meant to give the pedophile a taste of his own medicine to which he did not like and actively looked to have it removed with some temporary success. But that was quickly sorted out by placing it on the same server as the attack website.

As the nature of the psychotic illness causes him to feel he is right and that he is just not being understood, he started to cite various reasons that justified his side for attacking people. It was during this impulsive ranting that he acknowledged having sex with Thai girls as young as 15 and that many were virgins. He repeated this on more than one website/blog saying it was perfectly legal in Thailand. This ultimately was the confession and to defend himself he actually incriminated himself even more. What makes it worse is the strong possibility he is HIV positive and admittedly shuns the use of condoms. If that is true he did not only rape these young Thais, he may have given them a death sentence as well. He has also indicated he plans to continue this behavior.

With that said Connecting the Dots is decidedly all for getting this confessed American pedophile off the streets and behind bars. We strongly suggest our readers follow this link where you can take an active part in bringing this pedophile to justice. The site provides links to the FBI where collectively we can make him the most wanted sex criminal on the planet by repeatedly reporting him to the FBI. Don’t assume someone else will, PLEASE take 5 minutes of your time to make the world a little safer for your children.

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