Thaksin in your face

Thaksin in your face is about as polite as it can be put. His overwhelming arrogance is just inviting a bullet to be run through his head.

If you have ever walked around in an area when mayflies are about you may find yourself hitting yourself in the face in an attempt to swat a mayfly that is doing its best to be in your face and annoy you. When it comes to the convicted fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra his arrogance seems to find new levels.

Aside from wanting to be Prime Minister of Thailand again, aside from wanting to wipe his criminal record clean, aside from wanting to have revenge on people who did him wrong, aside from running his younger sister as a proxy and puppet for the post of Prime Minister, aside from wanting the billions of Baht back that he was judged to have taken illegally, aside from wanting to set the clock back to September 18, 2006 the day before the coup that ousted him, aside from just about everything you can imagine that is arrogance and I am better than you driven, he is a compulsive liar as well.

To say Thailand is heading for more conflict is an understatement.  It is clear this full on in your face approach has already started the plans for the next coup in motion. However this coup will not be bloodless. This one will no doubt be focused on swatting Thaksin just like that mayfly.

Connecting the Dots sees that the military will not act at first and give the new Constitution a go at taking Thaksin out. Any legislation that would absolve Thaksin of his crimes would more than likely require the signature of the King, and that too is highly unlikely to happen as well based on what Wikileaks has exposed.

What this does mean is if the pro Thaksin team comes to power many changes will happen at once to keep anti Thaksin people off balance and try to circumvent any anti Thaksin action. In short Thaksin will come down like a bomb as it is the only tactical advantage he will have. The slow methodical step by step method used before is vulnerable and will quickly be dealt with.

Unfortunately Thailand is once again heading for dark clouds.

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