Congressman Weiner’s witch hunt dare

With a sex scandal that isn’t really a sex scandal trying to happen, New York Congressman Anthony Weiner is in the perfect position to simply say enough is enough with this politically correct witch hunt. What allegedly happened behind closed door truly amounts to little more than sexual fantasy, should never be an issue for any government body be it the United States of America or some third world country.

With 56% of Congressman Weiner’s constituency in support of him (that counts the people who did not vote for him) it is hard for the ethics committee to not look like witch hunters. If the ethics committee chooses to pursue a cyber sex issue, they will in turn be punishing people for being human and having need for sexual release. This support also says other people do exactly the same thing as Congressman Weiner.

Connecting the dots on this is very important when weighing judgement. First off we must look at the family structure of Congressman Weiner. His wife works for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as her traveling chief of staff. The position of Secretary of State is to be anyplace but home. That simply means frequently Congressman Weiner comes home to an empty house. That does nothing for tending to naturally occurring sexual urges.

Prior to the internet people had the choice of masturbation while looking at magazines or pornography. They also had the choice of draining their bank accounts by calling phone sex chat lines. Both were and still are legal in the US. But now with assorted chat methods via the Internet to interact with people for free, it not only has become the norm, but also a variation of safe sex. It is that behavior that what this seems to be all about.

So to decide to punish Congressman Weiner for being human, and it turn putting more unrealistic restrictions around themselves, the may find they have burned their own bridges as nobody is pure, be in congress or not. The only thing that they may find is if Congressman Weiner used government computers for this behavior, then he would be seen as wrong. Without that link, it will simply become an exercise in absurdity while trying to appear politically correct.

In general people are saying enough is enough with this and let people have their own lives when not at work. There are much more pressing issues than this. However a good scandal does sell papers so expect the media to milk it for all it is worth.

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