Yingluck buying smiles

Thailand’s puppet Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra seems more concerned with her appearance. She is not willing to dive headfirst into the controversial issues that will aid her fugitive brother Thaksin Shinawatra. The list of missing in action reports seems to grow every month leaving the dirty work to others in the party.

This story is all about survivability as Prime Minister so as to benefit her fugitive brother Thaksin Shinawatra. When you connect the dots and look at the behavior, it is clear to see Thaksin is calling the shots. If Yingluck were ever to be unseated as Prime Minister, the chances of Thaksin getting off the hook drop significantly. So to reduce the chance of that happening, the buying of Thai smiles seems to be the only viable method to make it happen.

In no particular order of things that point this out we start off with the price of gas. In a very recent protest a handful of protesters that represented a bigger body objected to the price hikes that are part of the global cost. Yingluck responded by putting a stop to the price hikes. The government would simply dig deeper into their pockets to keep the price down.

Now this is not to say this is the first time this has happened, other Thai governments have done the same. But this is the first time when Thailand as a whole is recovering from a major flood and the costs of that flood are off the scale as compared to disasters in the past. Simply there is no money to do this for very long.

Yingluck has also been missing in action when pro Thaksin decisions have been made by the government. The controversy of amending royal pardons to include her brother, those decisions were made when she was out of town inspecting the flood.

There was also the very controversial secret issuing of Thaksin’s Thai passport. However even that she was not around when it happened, it was on her watch and she got caught up in the mess.

The tactic of not being around when bad things happen is a signature of her brother Thaksin. So it does not take much to see who is calling the shots.

But this brings us to the vulnerability of Thaksin. For what it is worth, the center of Thailand’s conflict is Thaksin. It does not matter what others say and attempts to shift the focus to who shot who and other loosely connected things. Thaksin has rubbed a whole lot of people the wrong way and his refusal to admit wrong doing has not let the fire subside. So as a result any moves that would benefit Thaksin would simply bring the masses back into the streets. The biggest one would be taking a self serving shot at the Constitution.

Prime Minister Yingluck will not have the luxury of avoiding that conflict. The Prime Minister must be intimately involved in things at that level, and she is clearly not up to the task. Every time she has made some sort of statement about her position, she reads it from a script. She is not ready to make decisions and answer questions on the fly, and many will not follow her anyways because she is a puppet Prime Minister. Once she is in the middle of all this self serving politics and she is unable to distance herself, things will start to go south quickly.

This looks to be a continuing story, so for now we will save some for later. But for what it is worth, what will happen next is very predictable as it is her brother Thaksin who is calling the shots, and his behaviors are well known by many including Connecting The Dots. The one difference is because Thaksin is not in a position of direct power, his arrogance now works against him and he must kiss some ass and buy more smiles through his sister Yingluck if he hopes to get to his goal of becoming Thailand’s dictator.

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