Global financial tipping point nears

All the signs of what they are not coming out and saying are there. Behavior of all the key players says only one thing about the global economy, fix it now or we all pay the price of a complete and total meltdown of the world’s financial markets in a domino effect cascade, and all the trimmings that come with it.

This is possibly the most significant entry Connecting The Dots has made, simply because it involves and will affect every man, woman and child on this big blue marble. Putting it off any longer simply will make the cure a fatal dose of medicine. When we can no longer tolerate the cure, we simply surrender to the disease.

Kicking the can down the road is no longer an option as we have reached the end of the road. The politicians that fear doing the right thing because it will cost them their seat are now feeling the heat of reality. Some countries are already taking a hit in their credit rating from the top to some lesser rating. That is one of the dots that says we are on the brink of that point of no return. That translates that there are signs that the country does not have the resources or willpower to recover and may have already started past the tipping point. Another dot is the seriousness of all of this in the European Union. The play or go position has been taken with countries who’s politicians have not spotted the end of road sign.

Because this is happening in more than one country, it is another dot that the big tank of money reserves to pull everyone out is nearly empty. Countries that suffer from corruption will be hurt the most. The waning money needed to right things will be siphoned off once again by the corrupt politicians thus insuring the worst possible scenario for that country.

In the US there is political gridlock on how to deal with this. The Republican party wants one cure while the Democrats want another. Things are now so bad there is no longer a choice. Both medicines must be combined if the patient is to survive. The behavior of the past can never be repeated. That perhaps has something to do with the village idiot Nostradamus spoke of.

The US is having problems because of political gridlock that is based on ideology and not common sense. Ideology only applies in fair weather. When the survival mode is triggered, ideology goes off line and is replaces with desperation.

The deep cuts in government services that are needed are part of the cure. The riots that are going on in some countries because of those cuts are because their politicians delayed too long. Unfortunately the same failure to act on the causes of climate change are turning things into a one two knockout punch. With no money to rebuild infrastructure that will be destroyed as a result of climate change, things will quickly go from bad to worse. That is just another example why humans have been classified as a self destructive species.

Not to get ahead of ourselves too much but going from bad to worse, to worse again, the next thing that is almost guaranteed to happen is some power hungry dictator will look to expand the real-estate under his control. The desire will be strong as he will see the governments that stand in his way as too weak to stop him. Thus the chances of starting World War 3 are greater when the global economy has collapsed.

All of this is careful encouragement when considering having children. It seems that it is no longer much guessing that the best has past and dark hard times lie ahead. As the human population is a major factor, adding to it only makes things worse. When nature sets about fixing things, reducing populations is the most common method, and it is the human population that will be reduced this time.

Unfortunately this set of dots as bad as they are is a very realistic look at what is ahead. To avoid all this we all must bite the bullet and take the medicine and stop all that whining that is brought on by political correctness. Men must be men and woman must be woman if we are ever to survive this thing we got ourselves into.

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