Hiding Thailand’s Crack

It has become a failed game of politicians saying Thailand’s political divide is getting better. Very simply people know what they feel and can’t be fooled by what any politician says. It is not a case about some unknown topic that can be pushed on the public’s ignorance to force acceptance.

Thailand has a long way to go before the political divide is healed. The biggest problem is the one man who spent much of the last four years driving the wedge to cause the divide, is still seen in that light. He has become and still is the flash point. Any mention of his name and muscles tense and blood pressures go up. Any thought of letting him off the hook for crimes simply causes the streets to fill with protests.

Every attempt so far so close the gap has failed. It may have started to close, but mention that one name and any ground gained over weeks is quickly lost inside a day.

The thought that reconciliation can be reached by letting the man who caused all the problems off the hook, is simply a slap in the face and fighting words to put it bluntly. He simply must be removed from any considerations, but he refuses to go. That means his jailing or death are the only workable options to bring closure. As unpalatable as that sounds, it is the missing element to bring closure, and every Thai knows this to be true deep inside.

Thaksin Shinawatra has become the focal point of all this. As his party tries to force some legislation that will let him off the hook, the resistance grows. The sad truth about all of this is it will go on until the missing element is added. The pro Thaksin group has lost touch with reality.

Even the Japanese see this pro Thaksin government being too focused on politics and bringing Thaksin back and received a scathing review from the Japanese media.

Quoting several blogs and media reports

Thailand becomes a nightmare for investors all over the world because of the government is just there to play politics. Thai politicians have done nothing but scandals. They have no interest in improving the country but only in improving their wealth. In comparison with their neighbor, Thai economy has been going downward without any sign of recovery. In the not far away future, Thailand will be best known in their Case Study on how the country is completely destroyed by the greed of their government. The country will be torn apart and finally will be dominated by foreign countries who gave the money to help the people to survive.

PM Yingluck is the Red Shirt’s Eva Peron! Her fugitive brother and former PM Thaksin is responsible for fomenting the Red Shirts to demonstrate and terrorize the country. Bombing and burning infrastructure. They terrorized hospitals. Thaksin and the Shinawatra empire is responsible for paying for those Red Shirt actions. Of course her itinerary is too tight to actually meet the family while she’s in Japan begging them not to leave Thailand. She can’t put a complete sentence together and/or answer a direct question. She is the puppet on Thaksin’s string. It is the fact that she is incapable of directly answering a question that is not scripted.

This review reflects the universal view of Thailand’s government at the moment. It is fair to say the people that don’t share this view are Thaksin supporters. So when looking beyond the borders of Thailand, you begin to understand why closing this divide will fall if Thaksin is involved in any way.

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