Thaksin’s comeback plan faltering

Seeing that no matter where you seem to look now in Thailand, the reality of a forced reconciliation plan is Dead on Arrival. The hopes of both sides that the plan would force the other side to change has hit a reality check.

The thought that fixing the leak in the kitchen sink would make the toilet flush better, is along the same lines as forcing people into a plan they want nothing to do with whether it came from a third party or not. Where as democracy allows people to have and express their opinion, the reconciliation plan is looking more and more like a tool to silence the masses.

Connecting the Dots looks now to make another one of our predictions as to where this all looks to go, and unfortunately it does not look good.

What we see is Thaksin Shinawatra growing increasingly impatient. Because of that he will look to push harder and take more of a covert approach to getting self serving legislature through. Because he will eventually use some sort of force feeding method to make it happen, that behavior will result in violations of laws and or get the masses of people back into the streets to protest. If that happens the reconciliation plan will be totally dead and Thailand will find itself back in the second half of 2008 starting a fresh loop of violence.

Once again the only answer comes back to getting Thaksin out of the picture. Once he is gone people will accept other people that may want to follow his policies are not Thaksin and therefore the damage will be less and of acceptable levels.

As for who will take a stand against Thaksin we can’t say for sure, but we do feel comfortable that someone will come forward and be funded from some unknown.

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