Climate spin phrases

If you have been paying attention, there have been subtle changes in the words being used to describe what has been going on with good old planet Earth. Phrases that rolled off everyone’s tongue just 1 year ago have been replace with new phrases in an effort to steer public opinion.

For the past 15 to 20 years the phrase ‘Global warming’ has crept into our lives. It was the fallback phrase anyone could use when a weather related event that was meaner and nastier than normal happened. From there the phrase ‘Climate change’ was being used as it was becoming harder to deny as climate change was the result of global warming. Simply this signified we had gone past some tipping points and theory had become reality.

So now that climate change is underway, even the best scientists have not a clue as how much it will change as new unknown and unanticipated variables are entering the formula nearly every day. In other words nobody truly knows how bad it will get.

So now what may be seen as a bit of arrogance, the newest phrase that is all about getting you to spend money is ‘Climate change adaptation’. Now depending on how you read this newest phrase you could get anywhere from slightly angry to a full blown wanting to do something that could get you tossed in jail.

So as this little phrase talks about adapting to climate change, you begin to wonder if the huge greed of companies that fed the climate change to begin with are now looking to mess with your lives a bit more. It almost looks like that they have created a new market based on their bad behavior, and now look to make a profit as people buy things to adapt to their mistakes. That is a bit like making the tap water undrinkable so they can sell you more expensive bottled water.

Looking at it another way, the phrase also says the politicians did not have the guts to do what needed to be done, so now we all must suffer and think if we should elect them again. But the bottom line is this simply says climate change is here and will get progressively worse every year until nobody can keep up with the wrath of mother nature.

Looking at the huge tornados that destroyed entire towns in the US in 2011, and the early start this year is one concern. Also that plant growing cycles will now be out of sync with the insects that pollinate them spells even more problems from a different angle. So all of this and more we are expected to adapt to.

One of the biggest areas of growth is desalination machines. Once the ice that feeds rivers and streams is gone, water from the sea will be the only source of drinking water. So everyone get with it and adapt. So with stuff like this, you begin to see the underlying force to all the ‘Occupy’ movements that have been in the news for the last 6 months. Enough is enough.

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