Happy Big 4

Today Connecting the Dots is 4 years old, and it is time to reflect where we are and where we are going. Our future looks bright, but unfortunately that can mean bad weather for others.

Part of the decision to kick back and not post as much was based on the political climate in Thailand. The Democratic party was running the place and there was a sense of political sanity. Other than Thaksin trying to take over Thailand by force, there was not much to write about.

But now that sense of sanity has been replaced with hastily thought out political moves by a pro Thaksin government, and it is sure to throw fuel on the fire, and thus give Connecting the Dots more to write about.

Now at the moment our key author Richard is enjoying an extended get away in the states looking for bad weather. From the last week in March until the middle of May Richard is doing something he always wanted to do, and that is to spend a lot of time in the back seat of a Toyota SUV with someone. That is to say Richard has been chasing tornados in the US. Based on the outbreak last year and the early season this year, there is a chance he could get to see one or more.

So on those long hauls between storms with nothing to see, Richard has been blasting out a few entries for here from the back seat of that SUV. But when he gets back it will be up to him how involved he will get, but we tend to think there will be a lot more than there was over the last year.

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