Secret Service men are men

Men don't think about sex

It appears another sex scandal is unfolding that exposes men for being men. The only amazing thing about this story is some people actually thought it would not happen.

As Connecting the Dots first heard about this, there was a lot of eye rolling going on. Not so much to the amazement that Secret Service men actually have sex, it was that someone actually thought they would not. It seems some things in life simply defy all efforts to be bottled up and stuck on a shelf next to childhood photos.

Now this will come as a shock and a huge reality check for some women, but men spend a significant part of their time working and convincing women they are not that way. But the truth is, this once again is a case of man vs nature and the odds are hugely stacked in favor of nature. If you want any more proof of this, simply ring up or send an email to the CFO for the Vatican.

So as we tend to do here, we will simply connect the dots for you. First off as the saying goes it takes a certain type of person to be a Secret Service agent. Just as it takes a certain type of person to be a Navy Seal or any job that could be easily be described as Macho. In both cases larger than normal amounts of testosterone are part of that personality type. Now a quick check and you can quickly discover that testosterone is the male sex hormone.

So now we get to wonder how this all came to be, and that somehow political correctness played a significant role in painting over the reality of what men are like by making a warm and fuzzy feeling in the minds of some. Less we forget political correctness has absolutely nothing to do with the real world. So taking this thought to the next logical level, political correctness is a security risk for a sitting President. In short, eyes should be on the real world and not a politically correct world. It is a no brainer that the bad guys of the world don’t subscribe to the doctrine of political correctness.

So the security problem is not about Secret Service agents in bed with a woman offloading some testosterone, the problem is turning a blind eye to the urges of nature and expecting them to simply stop. To understand how strong those urges can be, ask yourself why people risk years in jail for rape. In hindsight it is stupid, but at the moment the rape is going on, nature is in control of the rapist. Such is the case of pedophiles except they are attracted to young sex partners for whatever reason.

So this becomes yet another case of cause and effect, and the very first domino in this chain is ignoring men are men and thinking that men can hold off the urges of nature forever. How much political correctness played into that is uncertain, but we at Connecting the Dots are 100% convinced it did play a role in turning a blind eye because men don’t think about sex.

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